Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ program received 200+ applications for its Season 10 investment assessment. An estimated one-third of them were selected to participate in the assessment program, where seasoned global experts evaluated these promising startups with in-depth online interactions.

At the end of the program, some of the highest-ranked startups will get access to strategic capital and become part of our investment portfolio. Many others will gain access to venture-scaling networks, partner resources, and help from the fellow community members to march onwards with actionable feedback provided through diagnostic reports. We are delighted by the diversity of the participants, in terms of nationalities represented, technology verticals, as well as the age and gender of their founders.

It is heart-warming to see our ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ platform strongly resonating far and wide globally.

Top 25 listed in alphabetical order


6to8 is India’s first tech-enabled hyperlocal delivery service currently operating at 1/20th the cost of other existing models. They complement local retailers by creating a low-cost and highly efficient hyperlocsl delivery ecosystem using part-timers (drivers, guards, cooks) to do deliveries from local stores between 6:00 to 8:00.

Country: India

Category: Consumer Digital


Acumetric Global Solutions

Acumetric – CRUX is a “Do-it-yourself” SaaS-based integrated people analytics platform that is system agnostic and can be deployed instantly online. It helps with data aggregation to prediction, enabling agile, real-time data-driven decision making.

Country:   India

Category: SaaS

Aiello Inc.

Aiello builds AI-enabled voice SaaS platform for the travel and hospitality industry using machine learning and NLP technologies. It helps to empower the non-tech traditional industry to embrace AI seamlessly and understand travellers preferences better to enable personalized services.

Country: Taiwan

Category: AI

Ava Technologies Inc.

AVA Technologies developed AVA Byte, a smart indoor garden. It helps apartment dwellers with limited space or growing conditions to be able to grow all year round with its nutrient-loaded pods and AI-enabled “growing recipes.” Unlike others, their device is smart – it learns and improves every time, interacts with the customer, and is much more engaging for users.

Country:  Canada

Category: IoT


Brightwood makes B2B home automation platform for new developers and renovators, by using machine learning to automate the work flows.Their solution enables any smart home hardware to be connected seamlessly and enables installers to use any products.

Country:  China

Category: IoT


Chekk is a digital identity leader providing secure end-to-end ‘Know Your Customer’ solutions that removes the pain and costs of interactions between financial institutions and their retail and corporate customers.

Country: Hong Kong

Category: FinTech


CerebrumEdge has developed a real-time and automated ergonomics assessment solution to reduce the risk of ‘Musculoskeletal Disorders’ at industrial workplaces using AI and computer vision models. The proprietary model is built on bespoke requirements and feedback from the industry for specific requirements.

Country:  India

Category: AI


Clockster has developed software to help SME’s manage their employees work time with scheduling tool, biomteric clock-in, timesheets, employee onboarding, etc. Clockster ecosystem acts as a tool to be used as the whole HR ecosystem across all users and clients of Clockster.

Country: Singapore Kazakhstan

Category: SaaS


EBH is helping Employers/Organizations manage Employee and their family member’s health better using the proprietary tech solution & the nation-wide aggregation of health service providers.

Country:  India

Category: HealthTech


Informu created the world’s smallest predictive loss prevention device, integrated with artificial intelligence to keep travellers’ belongings safe. This is a ‘Tile’ on steroids — not just telling you where your lost items are but predicting in advance when you are about to lose or forget a physical possession.

Country:  USA

Category: AI


Intuaition is AI-assisted NLP based social analytics tool that extracts, analyzes and interprets social data into contextual inferential insights for strategy. Functional use of advanced data acquisition and NLP with social anthropology/psychology modelling is providing exciting new solutions for better understanding of communications and reputation management for companies, brands and individuals.

Country:  Mexico

Category: AI

Makers Hive Innovations

Makers Hive Innovations has developed a fully functional myo-electric, India’s first bionic hand to help enable amputees with upper-limb (below-elbow) extremity in their day to day activities without any hindrances. They are striving to leverage technology for a social change by integrating IoT in their products and services to serve health tech sectors, by making their product equipped with mobile application and 1/10 th of the cost than current market price.

Country:  India

Category: IoT


NATBAY is the 1st luxury fashion and lifestyle platform that connects buyers directly to leading fashion designers and local boutiques. NATBAY’s designer relationships ensure the latest and curated designs, authenticity, and great prices. They provide localized storefront such as local currency and language display and various payment methods other than credit, with their strong connection to Thai local brands. They partner with most of them as their exclusive online channel.

Country:  Thailand

Category: Consumer Digital


NuPhi provides cash-flow based unsecured financing to SMEs. NuPhi finances the developing country suppliers by purchasing their receivables to developed country buyers. They are a digital and data-driven FinTech providing post-shipment finance to SME Exporters (based out of South and Southeast Asia) against export receivables from strong Buyers in developed countries (US, UK, EU, Australia, etc.).

Country: India Singapore

Category: FinTech

PI Exchange

An AI-powered, full-service AI/ML application development & operation automation platform to make AI accessible to everyone. PI Exchange is a world-class team of scientists, engineers & business professionals who are committed to making AI accessible to every business, big or small.

Country: Australia Singapore

Category: AI

Pragyaam Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pragyaam product- Grid is a fully integrated modular platform that allows any organization to digitize their process within minutes and is being used by small and large organizations across industries to manage their data and processes in the simplest way to make faster and better decisions. Their modular platform helps enterprises create data and process management applications instantly using highly personalized end-user experiences.

Country:  India

Category: SaaS


Presso helps business travelers clean and press clothes in just 5 minutes using a Presso kiosk in the hallways of hotels. The company is solving the problem of the long turnaround time of dry-cleaning for business travelers and the operational cost of guest-dry-cleaning for hotels.

Country: USA

Category: Technology


ProfilePrint is a FoodTech start-up, which developed a portable IoT food scanner which can rapidly authenticate, identify adulteration and predict taste profiles using its proprietary machine-learning algorithm and a combination of chemometrics and advanced sensor technology.

Country: Singapore

Category: AI

Tan90 Thermal Solutions Private Limited

Tan90 team is working on the democratization of cold chains in India by filling the gaps in the primary and the tertiary supply chains. Unlike others, our product has self-sustaining cooling solutions in place, that reduce the operational costs by 32% due to their fast cooling characteristics.

Country: India

Category: CleanTech


Tangish is an online collaboration tool that helps you manage all your work, teams, and even external stakeholders, with ease. It provides practical and easily implementable technology solutions to the challenges faced by large organizations due to the ever-changing work scenarios.

Country:  India Canada

Category: SaaS


UrDa is a two-wheeler ride sharing platform enabling clean & efficient commute for many through the patented IoMT platform. They offer a need-based commuter service which adds to a unique value proposition for the users. UrDa is powered by their patented IoMT system which captures ride data and analysis. They work on data-based structure to enhance user experience.

Country: Singapore  Taiwan

Category: IoT


Veremark is developing a modern-day background screening platform which radically improves the experience of vetting and validating career credentials for all involved in the hiring process. They have created an immutable blockchain-based career passport for the candidates to own, verify and validate the credentials that they can share with future employers, thus help talent acquisition teams and recruiters eliminate the time wasted, money wasted and poor experience of the current process.

Country: Singapore UK

Category: SaaS


Xtracap product- Bridge2capital is a new age fin-tech platform providing liquidity to small businesses through an easy to use mobile app. Bridge2Capital has developed a short term invoice financing mobile app to help small shopkeepers to overcome their daily cash flow crunch by providing a credit limit linked to cash flows and GST data and the invoices funded are paid to the GST registered supplier.

Country:  India

Category: FinTech

Yogue Activewear

Yogue Activewear is a direct-to-consumer brand of high-quality fitness-casual apparel developed especially for Indian conditions and Indian body types, while at the same time making use of the latest advanced sportswear technology. Their lean and data-driven manufacturing and product development powers are vertically integrated, from raw fabric to packaged product everything is done in-house.

Country:  India

Category: Consumer Digital

Ziroh Labs

Ziroh Labs is a start-up formed with the core idea of creating privacy-preserving cryptographic systems that can be used en masse. It provides a robust ‘Reference Architecture’ codenamed as “OStor” which is one of the world’s most secure cloud-based file storage architecture.

Country: USA  India

Category: EnterpriseTech

Startup-O is South East Asia’s leading platform for startup assessments, investments, and venture building. It was created with ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ ethos at the core of its design. The assessment platform coupled with venture funds helps with systematic discovery & investing in high traction tech startups. These promising growth startups are selected through a transparent process which is a blend of multi-stage online evaluations conducted by seasoned global experts & proprietary ranking algorithms on the platform.