Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 8

Estimated 200 startups applied for the program from across 21 countries, but only one-third of the total were selected to participate in the assessment program where seasoned global experts evaluate these promising startups with detailed interactions. At the end of the program, some top-ranked ventures will access capital to become part of our investment portfolio. Many others will gain access to venture building networks, partner resources and help from the community to march onwards with actionable feedback.

We also welcomed participation from some ventures that not only are commercially viable but has social impact dimensions in their business model.

Great to see the diversity of the participants in terms of nationalities, technology verticals, the age range of founders and gender diversity. Very heartwarming to see ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ platform approach resonating strongly far and wide.

Top 25 Listed in alphabetical order


3DNA helps its customers design bespoke, user-designed eyewear, by deploying a vertically integrated design-to-production technology. It uses 3D face scan data and offers a variety of finishes and options, for customers to design their frames that are then digitally manufactured as a one-of-a-kind piece.

Country: Hong Kong

Category: Enterprise Tech


Aersure helps e-commerce merchants with their shipping and logistics requirements, by providing a proprietary system and network. It deploys a network of service partners and a simplified platform to allow online vendors to reliably ship their products to customers.

Country:  Singapore

Category: Logistic Tech


Aquasense has developed a range of technology solutions in the water management sector, to measure groundwater level and supply. This technology helps the rural agricultural sector by allowing for remote real-time monitoring of data, with cloud storage and access to an interactive dashboard that allows for analysis of trends in groundwater. The aim is to develop solutions that optimize how water resources are monitored and used.

Country: India

Category: IOT


Biosolvit is a biotechnology startup that has developed an innovative solution that helps the oil industry to effectively clean up oil spills by absorbing the spill. In addition, Biosolvit is dedicated to a range of applications and new materials development, using renewables such as discarded biomass and industrial rejects.

Country:  Brazil

Category: Clean Tech


Botsync helps small-scale and SMEs avoid the downtime associated with installing robots for automation. They build robots that can be installed seamlessly without stopping existing production lines for installation and integration. They build autonomous robots that adapt to existing workspaces and map their own environments and are thus cheaper and faster to deploy.

Country: Singapore

Category: AI


Bwave is a technology agnostic approach that allows users to integrate IoT devices from multiple standards, vendors and brands to a single universal hub and a unified app. With Bwave, all IoT devices can converge to a single app, eliminating the fragmentation that is associated with multiple IoT devices and applications.

Country:  Malaysia

Category: IOT is dedicated to enhancing engagement among sports fans, by providing contextual and interactive content. It uses AI-powered technology to recognize players and deliver relevant information to viewers and allows them to share videos and interact with their social networks. is working with broadcasters across sports to deploy its solutions to enhance fan engagement.

Country: India

Category: AI


Elude caters to travellers who need help to identify a destination, by providing them options based on their budget and proposed travel dates. With these two inputs from the user, Elude provides available flights and hotels that fit the required budget, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming research by the customer.

Country:  USA

Category: Consumer Digital


Jebhealth seeks to make healthcare easily and rapidly accessible for end-users, through an online marketplace for services with a focus on preventive care in Southeast Asia. It connects customers to a comprehensive list of curated vendors across wellness, health screening and treatment.

Country: Singapore

Category: Health Tech


Kyepot provides digital banking services to low- and middle-income Indian clients. It provides savings, investment and credit to this underbanked sector. It works on a chit-fund philosophy, wherein groups invest a monthly sum into a pool, that is then given to each member in turn – enabling this sector to save towards their financial goals.

Country: India

Category: FinTech


Lebencare seeks to utilize AI technology for retinal screening to help eliminate avoidable blindness. It allows access to timely and reliable analysis during retinal screening to assist ophthalmologists in treating their clients. Due to its speed and scalability, the technology can be deployed both in an inpatient setting as well as for mass screening.

Country: Singapore

Category: Healthcare


Mobijuce helps users charge their mobile phones any time by renting power banks, accessible via an app, and physically available for pickup across numerous touchpoints. It eliminates the need for users to carry chargers and power banks or risk being stranded without a functioning mobile phone.

Country: Hong Kong

Category: Consumer Digital


Oupio seeks to promote wellbeing through its products that seek to merge interior design with technology, and provide an enhanced lifestyle experience. Oupio has developed a combined intelligent lighting and wireless speaker that is aesthetically pleasing and minimalist.

Country: Romania

Category: Design IOT


PAKT’s ‘Smart Wardrobe’ provides a suite of online and offline services. It is an online platform combined with a physical white-gloved service that includes storage, an itemised photographic inventory and on-demand delivery. PAKT is innovating in property technology and lifestyle, addressing the way people relate to what they wear and how they wear it.

Country: Hong Kong

Category: Consumer Digital


Redsky aims to make data more easily and coherently available to retail companies. It provides a platform for enabling real time market research, financial services, risk analytics, and B2B fulfilment. This levels the playing field for retail companies to access similar data analytics to online retailers, allowing them greater agility in their strategy formulation.

Country: India

Category: Retail Tech


REVIVO Biosystems is developing automated testing platforms to help research laboratories screen chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in a more reliable and efficient way without using animals. It can mimic the function of blood flow in microfluidic devices, to grow realistic human skin tissues and automate testing procedures, to save up to ten times in manpower and biomaterials.

Country:  Singapore

Category: Bio Tech


Sportswizz promotes greater engagement between sports fans and teams to enhance deep interaction and opportunities for teams to monetize fan engagement. They research, create, analyze and synthesize sports content to create games, as well as quizzes and contests.

Country: India  Seychelles

Category: Consumer Digital


StyleNook is an augmented intelligence solution that offers a personalized shopping and styling service to Indian women, using a blend of machine and a human stylist to deliver clothes and accessories. Customers receive a curated selection and return what is not suitable, thereby allowing each iteration to be better tailored to her preferences. This further enables StyleNook to create a strong retail intelligence layer that is shared with the apparel industry.

Country: India

Category: Consumer Digital


Swajal provides clean drinking water, minus the use of plastic, to segments that do not have other access, and cannot afford to purchase bottled water. They set up “water ATM’s” that are solar powered, remote monitoring enabled, and can be placed in any location, to provide cheaper access across both commercial and “off-grid” locations.

Country: India

Category: CleanTech


TalentTribe addresses the need for millennial job seekers to find the right career by providing matching, information insights, and content. It is a job portal that also provides in-depth information that job seekers need to promote a good data-driven fit with their career.

Country:  Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech


TellMe has developed an IoT interactive room key card, allowing hotels to better connect with their guests and gather more relevant data about their guests and their travel habits. It allows them to target their guests with more focused advertising, thereby also serving the tourism industries.

Country:  Singapore

Category: IoT

Universe Technology

Universe Technology addresses a variety of applications, by allowing users to access interactive 3D models via their browser. It allows users to access the VR experience from their mobile phone. This eliminates the needs for plug-ins and installations and allows users to access information using more intuitive 3D models.

Country: China Singapore

Category: VR provides a blockchain powered solution for seamless mass mobility. They run a software company based on an open source platform and serves vendors in the mobility sector as well as travelers and end-users.

Country:  Netherland

Category: AI


VRTUOZ is a platform for real-time sharing of virtual content using AR and VR. It allows users to create and share AR and VR experiences. It has applications across live events, virtual showrooms, meetings, and remote training.

Country:  France

Category: AR – VR


Zoctr is a health tech start-up that integrates home health services with telemedicine. They deploy technologies such as a mobile app, IoT based Patient Remote Monitoring Systems and an AI + ML Chatbot Zoctr offers AI powered care to patients and aims to solve the problems of healthcare accessibility and affordability.

Country: India

Category: Health Tech

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