How Should Deep Tech Startups Approach Commercialization

Back on Startup-O Vitamins series is David Ng, Group CFO of MiRXES.

In the video below, we discuss how should deep tech startups approach commercialization. 


Video Transcript
Have an affinity for your solution’s impact on clients and the industry

Commercialization, for me whether it’s deep tech or otherwise, is about working closely with your clients and your channels. So, assuming that you’ve got a solution that clearly solves a demanded problem, I think having a real affinity with how that solution impacts clients, how it impacts the value chain and an industry, is fundamental.

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With technology disruption comes the need for education

When you talk about deep tech, generally, it implies that, the product is something that challenges the fundamentals and is genuinely novel. Whenever you have genuinely novel technological disruption, you have a lot more of battles to go through and so, there needs to be a lot of education.

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Break down barriers with education on industry’s challenges

I think education can be a long term challenge and so, the sooner you are out there in the industry talking about the industry’s challenges, the closer you are to breaking down barriers.

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