Startup-O is South East Asia’s leading platform for startup assessments, investments, and venture building. It was created with ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ ethos at the core of its design. The assessment platform coupled with venture funds helps with systematic discovery & investing in high traction tech startups. These promising growth startups are selected through a transparent process which is a blend of multi-stage online evaluations conducted by seasoned global experts & proprietary ranking algorithms on the platform.


We help small businesses in F&B, Retail, Beauty and Wellness to retain their existing customers. We offer a business cloud loyalty service that engages the consumers very swiftly without the need to issue cards or getting them to download apps, thereby encouraging their consumers to return again and again.

Category: AdTech


We help market research companies, brands and advertisers who struggle with capturing real-time consumer feedback to marketing stimuli (video ads or other digital content); customer service and retail environments. The existing research methods (surveys, focus groups, interviews) are unable to reveal the precise levels of emotional engagement or customer satisfaction levels of the viewers/customers. We fill this gap by offering a viewer/customer research platform packaged in a user-friendly web application.

Category: AdTech


We help brands and businesses who need to market their products and/or services by offering a word-of-mouth platform that helps to maximize their marketing budgets by giving them a higher ROI
Unlike our competitors, we are cheaper, faster in virility, and more organic.

Category: AdTech


We help online apparel e-commerce providers who struggle to minimise returned clothes due to mis-matched and mis-sizing problems by offering True-to-Life clothes try-on experience on mobile devices that lets customers try different sizes and models on their own body pictures before making the purchase.

Category: Consumer Digital


We help young drivers who are buyers of used cars by offering a matching service that helps drivers find reliable car workshops. Unlike traditional forums, we are highly targeted and only seek out the best workshops.

Category: Consumer Digital


We help consumers who need to find home services by offering a one-stop app for all their home related needs that allows them to discover curated service providers
Unlike our competitors, we are more intelligent, faster and cheaper.

Category: Consumer Digital

ARTO Gallery

ARTO is the newest and easiest way to discover and buy art straight from your phone. Instead of searching for art we will recommend it. Our app shows you art images which you can swipe left and right to indicate if you like something or not. The more you swipe the better we understand your art taste and preferences and the better our art recommendations.

Category: Consumer Digital


Curio is developing a platform for spoken audio that helps busy and curious people stay on top of ideas and stories that matter, by offering them carefully selected content from top publications as immersive audio narrated by professional voice actors.
Unlike our competitors and podcasts, we are always engaging, easy to use 20x cheaper to produce and sustainable over the long-term.

Category: Consumer Digital


Ferosh helps urban upwardly mobile, busy women in Vietnam with easy to follow, search and buy high-class fashion design clothes and accessories. It keeps them in the know with the latest offers, styles & collections. High fashion on your fingertips.
Unlike our competitors, we are first in Vietnam to provide fashion design clothes, high-class product quality and newest trends and collections to discerning women.

Category: Consumer Digital


GolfConnect24 helps to better connect different players of golf industry viz Golf courses, Golfers, Tee Times, Tournament organizers and retail products. It is seamless and easy to use application that is a one-stop shop for connecting with other golfers and anything related to the game.
Unlike traditional booking agencies, we are able to directly connect golfers with golf courses 24/7 to book and confirm the tee times.

Category: Consumer Digital


Good Meal Hunting creates job opportunities for talented home-based cooks through an online food marketplace. We handle all the technical aspects of running their business such as providing an online platform, coordinating with payments, deliveries, and marketing so that they can concentrate on the most important part: the food.

Category: Consumer Digital


SAUCEink is a magazine + social commerce (shopping) platform to discover and shop for things you love. We provide our members (consumers and brands) an easy means of creating their own website, blog, e-commerce store, etc.; and reach users immediately.
We aim to ease consumer’s decision-making process and aid brand owners in automating their business and marketing. We help brand owners understand their customers and connect them while creating great experiences.

Category: Consumer Digital


Skipmenu helps callers see service options so they don’t have to listen to ‘press 1 press 2’ prompts, which helps companies qualify incoming calls and overall reduce their customer support expenses.

Category: Consumer Digital


Tralulu helps active travellers who seek for local authentic experiences by offering a marketplace of local guides that allows travellers to book a local guide in Southeast Asia.

Unlike our competitors, we are highly customizable to the preferences of travelers in terms of itinerary, budget, and logistics.

Category: Consumer Digital


We help Global millennials interested in learning languages who want to practice with a native a language they learned, to become advanced or fluent by offering a language exchange platform that helps them meet teachers to teach them, or other learners to “swap” languages and teach each other unlike our competitors, we are offering a better service (smart matching, and guidance throughout their chat) and we are better+cheaper at tech execution.

Category: EdTech


We help MNCs and growth-stage startups who are looking for tech talent by offering a data-driven curated marketplace of tech talent that is engaged and pre-qualified for the job. Unlike our competitors, we are a low-touch solution which places candidates in top companies without ever speaking to a candidate.

Category: EnterpriseTech


We help procurers and vendors who waste time and money trying to connect with suitable opposites by offering a-n online platform which extracts buyer requirements with automated pre-sales scoping guidance. Our platform connects them to appropriate vendors, thereby saving time. 5 free matched quotations are provided for procurers, with genuine, high intent and qualified leads for vendors for a fraction of their usual market cost (0.3 – 1%) priced according to the lead quality.

Category: EnterpriseTech


Attores helps certificate issuance bodies who need to digitize their certificates by offering a digital certificate issuance platform that allows quick and easy blockchain enabled certificates. It also allows the recipients to share their accomplishments and memberships socially.
Unlike our competitors, we are decentralizing the issuance and storage of certificates, allowing students to own their certificates.

Category: EnterpriseTech


We help Quality Assurance Directors and Operations Directors who want to reduce man-hours spent by their factory operators on manual tasks such as pressing buttons, copying-and-pasting data from one application to another, or visual monitoring of data by offering a A.I.-enabled software robot that can work with existing I.T. applications that can see (detect physical objects, and icons on screens), click and type on computers just like humans.

Category: AI

We help large enterprises who hire at scale by offering an AI-powered job interview platform that uses chatbots to autonomously conduct candidate interviews
Unlike human interviewers, we are 10x faster, 70% cheaper and unbiased.

Category: AI

R2 Robotronics

R2 Robotronics helps large enterprises who need help in deploying drone swarms for automation by offering a service to operate their drones over our cloud that helps them deploy, manage, and handle data processing completely autonomously, without any pilots.
Unlike our competitors, where you need to deploy skilled pilots with handheld remote, we are cheaper, far more efficient and open to integration in API.

Category: Enterprise Tech


We at Zyllem understand the complexity that lies beneath your logistics network. Our goal is to provide you with a single platform that lets you manage, control, connect and visualize your entire distribution network and processes – bringing together your own assets and logistics partners locally and worldwide – to serve your customers better.

Category: Enterprise Tech


We help banks and mobile wallet companies who need a mobile payment solution by offering an SDK that allows their mobile payment application to conduct transactions using a speaker and microphone. By using sound, unlike our competition, we are not dependent on operating systems, or the NFC chip and terminal.

Category: FinTech


We help Financial Institutions who face losses through documentary fraud by offering real-time, extremely accurate, fully anonymous, blockchain based solution that prevents fraud in a proactive manner and takes prescriptive steps automatically.
Unlike the current solutions which only give historical information after the fraud has been committed, we are creating a new fraud, risk and loss prevention platform that will allow financial institutions to lower their risk profile and boost bottom line without sharing confidential information.

Category: FinTech


PaidUp is new cashless e-wallet app that enables users to get more from their favourite stores by paying upfront in return for exclusive discounts, freebies and rewards. It also enables customers to order food + drinks on-the-go and save time by no longer having to wait in line. The app has been designed to support small and medium businesses in emerging markets by letting them crowd fund working capital directly from their customers and build a stronger relationship with them through the use of analytics and data.

Category: FinTech


Tauro Wealth is a comprehensive, technology-driven investment platform for Indian retail investors. Unlike most competitors who simply redistribute mutual funds, we have developed our own financial product in the form of long-term stock portfolios using proprietary algorithms. We provide a rich set of features, tailored advice and seamless execution at a fraction of traditional costs.

Category: FinTech


Taxumo makes it easy for every Filipino small business owner and professional to prepare and pay their taxes! With Taxumo, you can, Track Income and expenses online, Autofill your tax paperwork, Pay tax dues anytime, anywhere.

Category: FinTech


We help Small medium enterprises (SME) and migrant workers who need to send money cross borders by offering a money transfer and FX service that allows them to send money at wholesale rates nominally reserved for a large institution.
Unlike our competitors, we are cheaper, faster and more convenient.

Category: FinTech


Uploan helps underbanked individuals who are currently struggling with high interest rates from black market lenders as well as employers and investors by offering an online salaried loan marketplace that provides salaried loans by partnering with employers (B2B2C) and offering the loans up to investors to finance.

Category: FinTech


We help Healthcare providers (hospital & clinics) who need to decrease patient waiting time and manage to schedule by offering a Scheduling management system that allows them to manage patient flow based on time slot with SMS notification to reduce No-Show
Unlike our competitors, we are more advanced in the scheduling system, such as SMS confirmation, waiting list feature, and delay notifications.

Category: HealthTech


We help IoT developer who needs sustainable power solution for IoT devices to reducing the electricity-maintain issues by offering a photovoltaic technology that allows the devices to have beautiful outlooks and keep function in extreme environments(acid, alkali, chemical solvents etc.).
Unlike traditional PVs, we have unique properties on easy shapeable, colourful (even transparent), outstanding flexibility, and our Eco-friendly and bio-compatible material is asking for a pure green future.

Category: IoT


HaloHola is an Indonesia based travel entertainment startup that enables long-distance transportation passengers to stream entertainment content on their personal devices, without costing them any data, and works in places where there’s no internet nor signal coverage.
HaloHola goal is to bring the experience of in-flight entertainment to smartphones in every mode of transport, making the travel experience much more enjoyable.

Category: IoT

HRM Labs

We help blue-collar companies who have complicated work pattern and policies which rely heavily on manual data administration and tabulation by offering a localized and industry-specialized Human Resource Management System that features proprietary algorithms that handle complicated work pattern and calculation, through an integrated platform that minimizes manual work, therefore automating all tedious HR matters.

Category: HR tech


Hearti is an integrated platform with HRM functions and wellness marketplace with a focus to improve employee engagement within an organization.
Our wellness marketplace allows HR personnel to conveniently implement wellness programmes for staff within their organisation while also giving them access to a wide range of cost-saving deals. With our software platform, we help automate and reduce paperwork (i.e applying for claims and leave) thus saving time and money for the employees especially the HR.

Category: Technology


We help B2B SMEs and High-value B2C companies who spend on digital marketing to attract prospective customers to their website and need a tool to help them increase their web to customer conversion ratio by offering an instant response call-back tool that notifies the sales team instantly when a lead is generated. Sending vital analytics and data to the salesperson such as what the lead has viewed on the website, how much time they spent, how often they have been to the website and much more comprehensive data so they know exactly what to target. The AI engine will also automatically learn what is the best way to engage with a visitor based on data points such as time of day, the day of the week, referring website, time on site, pages visited, etc.

Category: Technology


Whizpace converts smart products into “smart connected products” by providing a wireless communications solution based on the idea of providing more services with limited resources using scarce spectrum dynamically & opportunistically for 50B devices and 3B unconnected population.

Category: Technology


Raydar is an intelligent stock photo search engine for creatives that cut down >50% of search time.
Unlike our competitors, we are a wider collection of brands (15 more brands) under one roof, with a cheaper onboarding pricing plan.

Category: Technology


TempoGO is an IoT plus SaaS solution for the transportation sector.
Our platform connects Vehicles, People, and Trips. And dramatically improves the productivity of a commercial vehicle fleet, either passenger or freight. TempoGo technology is geo-agnostic. As capable of being deployed in a bus operator in Vietnam as for a freight transportation company in India.

Category: Logistics/Technology

Bellatrix Aerospace

Bellatrix Aerospace has invented highly reliable and efficient electric propulsion systems. These systems can reduce the cost of a satellite mission by a factor of 10. We develop in-space propulsion systems for satellites. We aim to be leaders in unmanned aerial vehicles for defence. We aim to develop orbital launch vehicles and satellites for the nanosatellite category. We have developmental order from ISRO for its propulsion systems and working with Indian Defence Department on the development of long-range UAVs for military applications.

Category: Space Tech


We help musicians and creators of music at any level, music students, fans and music lovers who want to express their music ability, show their musical creations and get discovered by the world by offering a music social media where they can create music, collaborate and recreate music. They can build their network using our platform, publish and sell their works. This can allow them to be more creative, more expressive, and more connected to the world with no time and space limitations. Their music becomes easy to publish and can reach a wider audience.

Category: Other

Nail Deck

We help nail polish fashionistas who require specific colours by offering a bespoke service that allows them to customise nail polish in any colour in the world.
Unlike our competitors, we are able to respond to market trends 10x faster and provide our customers with exactly what they want at an affordable price.

Category: Other


We help social and amateur footballers to organise matches or simply enjoy a game of football by offering an all-in-one solution that connects players and teams, secures booking of venue or referee, and facilitates hosting or joining a game. Recommendations are made based on availability, player profiles, preferences and cost.

Category: Other


BookMyStorage is a digitally managed marketplace for end-to-end warehousing requirements.
It provides a one-stop solution for warehouse leasing, Flexi Storage and on-demand model for storage, fulfilment and value-added services such as labour, security, transportation, technology, insurance, infra, and utility provision.
Unlike our competitors, who are not experts in warehousing and also unorganized and fragmented, we are providing end to end warehousing solution and reducing customer cost of operation by 20% with our Flexi offering and reduce cost/time for leasing 35%.

Category: Logistics/Technology


Godamwale helps market warehouse to retailers, e-Commerce companies, industries and small businesses. We are for warehouses what AirBnB is for the hotel industry. Extra space by industry can be rented out to businesses who are looking to lease space for the short term, by offering a web/mobile solution to book warehouses that maps all warehouses/cold storages across India. It makes it easy to view, select fast and to book seamlessly.
Unlike brokers who are unreliable and classified sites where the information is not up to the mark.

Category: Logistics/Technology


One of the biggest pain-points for offline retailers are the checkout queues, which ruin the customer experience and cause abandoned carts, especially on weekends. Perpule provides a GPS-enabled app to identify a store and enable self-checkout. Customers scan the barcodes of items they pick off the shelves, get prices and offers, and use a payment gateway to complete the transaction.
The app brings to offline retailers some of the online world’s cool features, such as customer profiling and product recommendations to drive more sales.

Category: Technology


We help businesses who need rich customer information but experience high customer acquisition costs by offering a DaaS and SaaS solution that standardize, digitize and automate how personal information is organized, exchanged, and processed. Regit is an integrated platform for individuals and businesses to exchange personal information securely, efficiently, and transparently.

Category: Other

Bodhi Health

We help healthcare providers who face challenges in having a well-trained healthcare workforce by offering an eLearning and gamification learning platform that allows them to offer standardized and scalable on the job training to nurses and paramedics. Bodhi is working on creating tech-based solutions and more engaging forms of content on one hand and creating tools for better management of human resources by healthcare chains on the other. Thus, this becomes a comprehensive solution for sourcing, training and retraining of talent.

Category: Health Tech

Brightree Pte Ltd

We enable fast integration of industrial machinery or sensors to the Internet and cloud, allowing remote data collections to become easy and seamless. Our proprietary protocol is to achieve bandwidth efficiency, error-free data transmission and cost-effectiveness. We provide Data Loggers to bunkering mass flow meter system and get referrals for remote marine fuel monitoring service. We focus on the subscription and set up fee.

Category: IoT

Brilliant Brats

We help children around the world who want to utilize the best method of learning by offering an online platform that allows them to practice the most effective method for knowledge retention – “Learning by Teaching”.

Category: Ed Tech


We connect students and recent graduates with their dream jobs and internships. We have strong ties with top university career centres, government, and enterprises. We help students and recent grads to be career ready.
Unlike our competition, we are specifically designed for students and recent graduates.

Category: HR Tech


We help hotels, restaurants & caterers (HORECA businesses) who procure grocery items, meat & poultry and milk-based products in bulk by offering a one-stop solution for grocery procurement that decreases their grocery spend by 5%.
Unlike our competition, we are cheaper and have a wider variety of products.

Category: Consumer Digital

Gava Gives

We help in providing end-to-end fundraising platform. We are a simple, smart & secure fundraising platform for corporate, social and personal causes. In the Philippines landscape, we are the first & leading Crowdfunding and Whitelabel Fundraising Platform that provides SAAS CRM for NGOs.

Category: FinTech

GoodEd Technologies

We are a Learning Platform for Teachers. Our entrepreneur model provides Video lectures, quiz, notes & tests in 14 subjects for Class 9th – 12th. Our analytics help any teacher to run blended courses.

Category: EdTech, a travel tech & holiday bookings company, has launched India’s first completely online holiday search & booking engine powered by an integrated B2B marketplace. The platform allows users to book their holiday packages online – like flights and hotels. Our vision is to create travel democracy & aggregate B2B2C holiday space.

Category: Consumer digital (Travel Tech)


We help to relocate people and interior lovers who want a nicely furnished home by offering an online interior design service that gives access to designers worldwide for a flat fee.
Unlike our competition, we are the 1st in the SEA market, highly scalable and the only ones offering international designers.

Category: Consumer Digital


Inito provides Accurate medical testing and diagnosis on your phone. Inito identifies the fertile window by measuring two hormones in Urine (Estrogen & Lutenizing Hormone) to boost the chance of conception. Fertility prediction is the first test in the suite of tests Samplytics will launch.

Category: Health Tech

At Leverage, we offer loans to start-ups and SME market by understanding their financial needs and by connecting them to right investors and lenders. Since we are processing loans online we can now disburse faster and more efficiently compared to traditional banks and other financial institutions.
We are free, online, have no hidden fees and process loans in 1 day.

Category: FinTech

The Liquidity Marketplace

We focus on the inefficiencies in the money markets due to over-reliance on intermediaries and provide an all-to-all marketplace where corporates, non-bank financial institutions, and banks borrow and lend directly to each other. The means by which we enable this is STABL, Short Term Agreement for Bilateral lending, a financial instrument.

Category: FinTech


Logisure provides a technology-based intelligent urban goods transportation platform for connecting all resources (both tangible-vehicles, people, spaces and intangible-technology, knowledge) and enables their sharing locally; thereby making businesses more cost competitive and cities greener.

Category: Tech based Logistics & Supply chain


MATA VR brings Filipino innovation to the global market with:
– the MATA Headgear,
– the Toodlo Motion Controller.
The MATA Headgear is the world’s first headgear with integrated audio and Peripheral Diffusion. The Toodlo Motion Controller is the world’s first mobile motion controller.

Category: Consumer Digital

Mate Labs

We easily build, Train & Deploy Machine Learning Solutions. We have neural net based, trained on >50000 ML Training Parameters and automated data-preprocessing solving the biggest bottleneck in Machine Learning. Thus, giving us the advantage to introduce the new ML/DL Algorithm in no time.
Unlike our competition, we have an interactive UI which makes it very usable, strong backend, we are very customizable and time efficient.

Category: AI


We help students in discovering their unique potential to make well-informed career decisions in a scientific, accessible and affordable way by offering a technology-enabled career guidance eco-system which leverages research and machine learning algorithms to reduce human bias that allows students to enhance their awareness about career opportunities and take a well-informed career decision.

Category: Ed Tech

Minutes App

We help beauty service businesses like barbershop, salon, spa, etc to simplify business operation, customer management, increase repeat visits and give their customers a better experience by offering an end to end platform and ecosystem that connects beauty service business with their customers through mobile apps and give them a single unified dashboard for managing sales, customer database, customer loyalty, and customer retargeting.

Category: Consumer Digital


We help revolutionize emails into a work management software for people who have cluttered inbox, using disparate tools that lead to loss of productivity and increase in time, effort, and money and work. We help in avoiding work duplication by offering a personal mail assistant, a team collaborative tool, we automate email communication and work management that solves both email organization and works management.

Category: Enterprise Tech


We help parents who are looking for a “one-stop-shop” to buy Head2Toe dressing for their kids by offering a product line of pure and natural (chemical free), eco-friendly (zero wastage), functional and affordable ensembles that are functional, stylish, sustainable and durable for everyday wear and create an insatiable “need” for NeedyBee products.

Category: E-commerce

Pipa Bella

We help urban Indian women between the ages of 25-49 who are looking for trendy, off the runway styles that are good yet highly affordable by offering a go-to destination for fashion jewellery that offers ready to ship styles and customizable jewellery options.
Unlike our competition, we are disrupting the traditional supply chain by owning less inventory and working on a made to order model.

Category: Consumer digital


Our Dave.AI is an artificial Intelligence platform to augment sales & revenue marketing efforts. Dave.AI leverages data across diverse applications across the Enterprise to learn unique customer journeys within an Enterprise and use this learning to predict the next interaction to influence a prospect into taking a favourable action. Dave.AI’s flexible data model enables it to be the intelligent backbone across various engagement systems used by Enterprises. Dave.Ai Suite is available as a Hybrid SaaS Solution.

Category: AI


We help Offline Retail and Service businesses who want to get their customers to refer more friends to their business by offering a Referral Marketing System that makes it very easy for their staff to implement a referral program and very easy for their customers to share with their friends.
Unlike our competition, we are built for offline sharing, simple & easy to use for all levels of staff & overall a more cost-effective marketing solution as compared to existing marketing solutions.

Category: AdTech

Twig Me

We help small and mid-sized businesses and organizations who have a need for improving user experience and engagement by offering a customizable mobile platform that allows them to differentiate from the competition, retain and expand their user base.
Unlike our competition, we are a unified platform for user engagement that can evolve as the business grows, with a low monthly subscription and no upfront cost.

Category: Enterprise Tech

Urban Kisan

Urban Kisan provides an Urban Vertical farming solution that solves problems at all steps in the F&V chain. We grow in a controlled agricultural environment with RO-purified water as growth medium (no soil!) thus having year-round harvest which is healthy, nutritious and does not have harmful chemicals. We offer a full stack solution making it feasible to set up in cities, reducing wastage and by controlling the weather and temperature conditions we can produce more in less urban space.

Category: Agri Tech

5C Network

We help healthcare providers burdened by the problems in Radiology by offering an online platform for fast turn-around and digitalised results. 5C Network is working to create a tech-based solution for efficient imaging and report generation backed by an AI image processing engine. Thus, this platform provides fast diagnosis with online support for healthcare providers, regardless of their location.

Category: HealthTech

Acrannolife Genomics

We help cancer patients and wellness-focused individuals who need to monitor their health effectively by monitoring by offering 1/ predisposition testing for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other critical illnesses. 2/ liquid biopsy for cancer detection and prevention by identifying the smallest of cancer before PET scan.
Unlike our competitors, we are 53% more cost-effective with 10X faster turnaround time.

Category: HealthTech


Zoctr is a health tech start-up that integrates home health services with telemedicine. They deploy technologies such as a mobile app, IoT based Patient Remote Monitoring Systems and an AI + ML Chatbot Zoctr offers AI powered care to patients and aims to solve the problems of healthcare accessibility and affordability.

Category: Health Tech

Advocacy – Journy

We help leading consumer product companies, who spend 99% of their budget on low trust advertising, to exponentially increase the high trust word of mouth recommendations and reviews on their products, through our Journy platform. Journy uses the psychology of gamification and personalisation to engage users deeper (up to 3X increase in time spent vs websites) and thus motivate them to actively recommend and review.

Category: Consumer Digital

Almug Technologies

Almug solutions help organisations to manage and structure their complex bundle of information assets, by extracting meaningful intelligence from it. Almug’s Text Analytics Platform (XTRAKT) is built using proprietary NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.
Unlike our competitors, we are a field-hardened platform for more than 6 years into AI, multilingual ability in 6 languages (German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English).

Category: FinTech


We provide circuit level power monitoring and appliance identification analytics. This allows for the customers to understand where power is being used in a building. Thus, providing efficient smart home energy management.
Unlike utility smart meters by competitors, we are able to provide actionable information about appliances and spaces in the home and serve as a gateway for additional smart home applications.

Category: IoT


We help medium-sized enterprises operating in Indonesia, who need international shipping services by offering a digital freight forwarding solution that allows them to instantly receive freight price, order and process their shipment through our online web app.
Unlike our competitors, we are partnering with prominent freight forwarders and shipping companies to execute the field operations instead of operating it ourselves.

Category: SaaS


We help remittance businesses that are serving an existing customer base of migrant workers and expats by offering a blockchain remittance platform. Our process reduces their settlement costs by up to 50% and gives them a robust API to conduct payments throughout the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and a growing list of countries.
Unlike our competitors, we are white labelled solutions for B2B customers.

Category: FinTech


We provide an all-in-one platform for communication and managing the whole sourcing and manufacturing process. We manage the whole supply chain process from the design to arranging for delivery of the products. We guarantee quality and differentiated products, all under one roof, along with standardised operations that provide ease of use for both customers and suppliers.
Unlike our competition, we provide a more convenient platform with a low Minimum Order Quantity for smaller scale retailers.

Category: SaaS

We offer a complete end-to-end technology solution for the entire bus travel industry in Indonesia that connects bus operators, travel resellers, and bus passengers in a single platform. Thus, by streamlining the entire search & booking process to be more efficient for the bus operators and travel resellers, it allows the passenger to book the ticket anytime, anywhere from any online and mobile devices.

Category: Consumer Digital

Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech has the vision to create an economy of an emotionally intelligent ecosystem. Our flagship product,, is a behaviour research platform for brands, marketers, media creators to help them predict likely effectiveness of their media, ad and UX before launch, by tracking the emotional responses of their target audience using brainwave mapping & facial coding (patent pending tech).

Category: AI


We help medium to big and industrial enterprises by offering a bidding platform for businesses and electricity supplier to create contracts for their electricity needs.
Unlike energy consultants, we are an online platform which is easily accessible, connects you with other consumers to leverage a better deal, and offers a wide variety of choices which can save you up to 40% of your electricity bill.

Category: Enterprise Tech


We help farmers, SMEs and small scale investors by offering a marketplace for farms and SMEs to be invested in, as well as allow small scale investors to choose from these farms, makers and producers by funding their production run. This provides production capital for SMEs and farms, as well as support small capital investors in their investments through a transparent process.
Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we offer an end to end logistics system with small starting investment choices.

Category: FinTech


We are an online platform that helps consumer brands and agencies to undertake online market research surveys in a cheaper and faster way by matching them to data suppliers using programmatic technology, APIs and machine learning. InsightzClub is essentially an intelligent automator of market research providing higher data quality in an efficient manner.
Unlike our competitors, we are technology oriented that uses proprietary technology to achieve relative better pricing and faster timelines as well as automation of the full market research process.

Category: Enterprise Tech

Kang Healthcare

With Kang Healthcare, we integrate principles of Traditional Medicine (Indian Ayurveda, Arabic Unani, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese and Traditional Korean Medicine) into a digital system and artificial intelligence to promote a greater awareness of an individual’s general well being.
Unlike our competitors, we provide diagnostic analytics and predictive analytics.

Category: HealthTech / IoT

Linksmart Technologies

Linksmart smartDNA® labels present a new paradigm in security labelling wherein even identical labels auto-acquire fresh credentials on every use. Upon application on any product packaging, smartDNA® offers unified seamless multi-brand authentication in an instant, precise, automated and effortless manner, with just a smartphone in hand. With credible smartDNA® authentication, warranty activation can be linked wherever applicable.

Category: Enterprise Tech

Loco Buzz

We help consumer-focused brands to actively engage with their customers across digital and social platforms by offering a portfolio of MarkTech solutions that brings together artificial intelligence, analytics and automation to ensure an effective customer experience. Thus, we help brands increase their customer base as well as average lifetime value.
Unlike our competition, we are agile, affordable and offer a superior tech stack that is functionally seamless and comprehensive.

Category: Enterprise Tech


We help financial professionals in investment management, institutional sales, and risk management, who have a constant requirement to generate positive returns while having to manage risk across different areas. We offer a platform that helps gain predictive insights through data and machine learning. It uncovers signals in traditional and alternative data for the purpose of investment and risk management, without having them to set up data and machine learning infrastructure.

Category: FinTech


Parklio is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects your parking place. With Parklio, you can easily control and share your parking place with your friends and family via our free mobile application. The Parklio smart parking barrier is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a solar charged Li-ion battery. All you need to do is to install it on your parking place and you are ready to go.

Category: IoT

Plate my Meal

We help parents who want their young children to eat healthier by assisting in planning healthy meals and encourage healthier eating habits. We develop our concept and products using the current scientific and professional nutritional knowledge by working closely with leading dietitians to create healthy solutions for parents and their growing toddlers. Our products and concepts have been tested, marketed and endorsed by leading figures in the field.

Category: HealthTech


We help insurance, re-insurance, commodity market, governments and agri-input companies by providing risk management solutions for agricultural financing in developing countries. This is a platform based product that reduces the cost of administration and provides tools for better market penetration.
Unlike our competition which offer yield predictions and target the commodities market space only, we implement regionally trained models that are better suited for developing countries where the market dynamics are more complex.

Category: FinTech


We help young professionals aged 25-35 belonging to the upper middle class who are single or recently married, are tech savvy, have difficulty finding trustworthy, high quality, and affordable home services for their desired time and location. We offer them a platform where they can order home services instantly through our app or website, anytime, anywhere, that allows them to find the best possible service provider for their needs, one that is skilled, trained and is a professional.

Category: Consumer Digital


SpareParts3D supports the digitalization of your inventory and enables on-demand & distributed production using 3D printing. We leverage our worldwide providers’ network to ensure local manufacturing and quick delivery. We help home appliance manufacturers to increase the availability of their spare parts by offering a distributed production service on demand which leverages on 3D printing technologies.

Category: Enterprise Tech


Staydilly helps travellers to book exquisite rooms at heavily discounted prices with an added mystery concept. The hotel’s name would be concealed and would only be made known to the traveller once the booking is confirmed. We are a close-knit community from diverse cultures who have come together with a single objective: to provide exceptional hotels at unbeatable prices. We intend to give the best hotel deals to everyone by making hotel search and the booking process an enjoyable experience.

Category: Consumer Digital

The Gene Box

The Gene box is the first holistic health platform that provides nutrition and healthcare solutions based on genetic analysis. We collaborate with medical and wellness professionals who treat individuals with metabolic diseases, diabetes and lifestyle disorders to bring this technology to you. We offer insights into your genetic makeup that will enable a tailored and targeted approach towards fitness.

Category: HealthTech

Truckhall Private Limited

We help manufacturing and logistics companies who procure vehicles from multiple vendors by offering a logistics management solution that automates supply matching, price negotiation and enables stakeholder collaboration.
Unlike the other procurement solutions, we are specifically designed for vehicle procurement, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient process.

Category: SaaS

Watsan Envirotech Private Limited

The name ‘Watsan’ was coined by blending the words ‘Water’ and ‘Sanitation’, which are the two main aspects of our establishment. WATSAN’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions to the rural and poor population by manufacturing and distributing cheap, effective and electricity-free water filters. Through micro-filtration based purifiers using nano-clay filters, pathogens, heavy metals and turbid materials are filtered to produce clean drinking water.

Category: HealthTech

Air Freight Bazaar

Air Freight Bazaar is an online air freight marketplace that brings together exporters, importers, freight forwarders, vendors, airlines, IATA agent on a single platform. They offer transparency in pricing, real-time updating, speed and efficiency.
Unlike the competition, they offer prices and real-time aggregating of freight business stakeholders on one single platform.

Category: SaaS


Airportels is an online porter system that offers exclusive luggage delivery and storage services. Being the first mover in Thailand, they have the benefit of gaining exclusive partnerships and first mover acquisitions.
Unlike the competitors, they have greater capacity, more partnerships, lower cost, more service counters available at the shopping malls for on-demand delivery to Airports.

Category: Consumer Digital


Ayoslide is an android advertising application that helps online brands engage with mobile phone users directly from the lock screen. This is done using an ads targeting system and more in-depth user engagement.
Unlike the competitors, Ayoslide is targeting gamers segment as their earlyvangelist. They also provide multiple redeem options to their users.

Category: AdTech

Canopy Power

Canopy Power is a Singapore-based microgrid technology provider, making energy generation cheaper and cleaner than fossil fuels. Canopy’s differentiation lies in their experienced team, technology, business model innovation, and access to bankable customers.
Unlike the competition, Canopy’s technology is more environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-efficient.

Category: CleanTech


EmotionReader is building the world’s leading emotion measurement platform for brands, agencies and media companies, by collecting emotional responses directly from real people, in real locations. Using the latest Deep Learning state-of-the-art technologies, their AI engine uses algorithms tailored to market research videos and capturing subtle facial expressions with over 95% accuracy.

Category: AI

Eunimart Crossborder

Eunimart is an AI platform that aggregates global e-commerce. They enable SME merchants to sell their products globally through B2C cross-border e-commerce. Eunimart has 8 shipping partners allowing the sellers to always have the best rates across geographies, categories and weight. The highlight is the global payments solution that Eunimart has devised in partnership with different payment partners which allows Eunimart to provide sellers payments that are economical and fall within the RBI guidelines.

Category: AI


Finizz is an online platform that provides an effective search engine for finding the right doctor and clinic in Vietnam. Through community reviews and a convenient booking system, they reduce the waiting time and improve the process of selecting a doctor or clinic.
Unlike the competition, they have a better understanding of the local market as well as better execution capabilities and user experience.

Category: HealthTech


FitThree is a nutrition and tech food platform that serves customers who are mindful eaters. Customers simply subscribe to this food delivery service and fresh, cost-effective, menu rotating and nutrition-centric meals will be delivered to customers.
Unlike the competition, they provide a flexible logistics solution, offering nutritious food at scale to consumers as well as integrated technology to retain customers.

Category: Consumer Digital

Go Plus

GO+ is a new logistics marketplace, enabled by data from both offline and digital interactions. They are open and committed to expanding convenience across all products and service aspects of their consumers’ daily lifestyles and behaviours.
Unlike their competitors, GO+ provides an innovative economic model as well as biometric tech and robotic parcel storage system.

Category: Enterprise Tech

Got It

Got It is a digital reward and mobile gifting solution. They ensure a simplistic, hassle-free, instant eVoucher management platform. Got It offers quality gifting options at over 75 famous brands in 1200 locations nationwide. Got It guarantees transparency and instant tracking through their real-time Voucher management system.
Unlike the competition, they take away the guesswork and reduce costs on inventory management, logistics and manpower when rewarding or acquiring customers.

Category: Consumer Digital


GridComm provides a complete smart light solution that creates a network over a city’s power lines, connecting sensors capable of instant communication. They then use that to connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic, and more. With their street light control software, their customers can save millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs.
Unlike the competition, they offer a highly reliable and secure, low-cost IoT sensor network.

Category: IoT

Juno Clinic

Juno Clinic is on its way to be India’s leading mental wellbeing company in terms of Revenues, Quality and Reach. They provide a full stack of services including counselling, treatment and assessment. They serve the Indian Diaspora globally (currently) and offers to counsel over video/audio/chat, as well as through empanelled therapists for emergency cases. They plan to scale this to other countries in 24 months.

Category: HealthTech


Limitless is a white-labelled micro investment app working with banks to help Millennials start and stay invested. They use Open Banking to monitor spending on any card from any bank and move a certain percentage into an account at their partner bank, and from there into a) short term savings goals for motivation and spending control and b) low-cost long term investments. Importantly, partner banks receive, with full customer permission, relevant and actionable data related to all transactions and balances to monetize in multiple ways with their offerings and partnerships.

Category: FinTech

Medinfi Healthcare

Medinfi Healthcare is a web-based content platform providing verified, and simple health information as well as selecting the right healthcare service provider. Through fact-based medical information and their simple user design, they have a high user engagement and retention rate.
Unlike their competitors, they are attuned to the Indian Market and is the market leader with no close 2nd player.

Category: HealthTech


PHI, is a product company focused on building products that can be used in smart cities and sustainable urban environments. Their first innovation, Model 1080 is a range of sustainable shade structures which are multi-functional by generating clean water and renewable energy over and above just shade.

Category: CleanTech

Popular Chips

Popular Chips is a worldwide AI-driven Influencer Marketing Analytics SaaS. They are the only platform in the world to offer Fraud Detection (Fake Followers, Bots, Automation), full demographic distribution and possibility to monitor any influencer in the world (we are not limited to a portfolio). MNCs in the beauty, fashion, luxury, travel and entertainment use Popular Chips daily to improve their Influencer Marketing strategy, standardize their reports and stay clear of frauds.

Category: SaaS

Price Map

PriceMap is monetizing the market inefficiencies in a fragmented retail market like India. More specifically, they have built an ML-based platform that interrupts the flow of e-commerce transaction and lets the user know if the same product is available in a nearby physical store at a lower price. This way, they create a reverse bidding platform for physical stores, where they are all competing against the online price and therefore, customers are able to buy products on an average ~11% lower in price than Amazon/Flipkart and other online portals.

Category: Consumer Digital

Repup offers guest experience management software to help hotels automate operations, increase reputation and drive more revenue. Being a multi-platform guest concierge app, it allows hotels to have seamless guest communication, focused on upselling, faster request handling, analyze guest interaction data to optimize your operations. Through this, they try to create great future experiences and improve customer loyalty with highly personalized delivery and start owning your guests.

Category: SaaS

Sepio Products

Sepio is an IoT company aspiring to transform supply chain security and efficiency. They do this by building platform solutions that combine physical security seals with front end tools along with connected SaaS for their target industries of Shipping, Logistics, and Utilities.

Category: IoT

Sherpa Funds Technology

Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) is a Singapore based Company that provides game-changing technology to Investors, Fund Managers and Traders. Their patented technology – ORS (Optimal Risk Sizing) is a SaaS-based solution that is set to change the way money is managed.

Category: FinTech

Singapore E-Business

Singapore E-Business is an online platform that connects F&B and retail businesses with suppliers. Using OCR technology, processes like procurement, tendering, purchasing and HR are automated, reducing time and manpower costs.
Unlike the competition, they offer convenience, time-saving with their technology and ease of access through cashless payments.

Category: FinTech


Stones2Milestones is an education platform that equips non-English speaking communities with the skill to make reading easy and also on developing the will to make reading enjoyable. As the window for this intervention is from age 3 to age 9, they integrate this program with the early school curriculum. Besides providing this to schools, they also equip the parents to support this growth in their children.

Category: EdTech

SuperFan.Ai is an AI-based fan management studio to connect with your followers. It is a SaaS-based venture that enables influencers to connect with their audience on a one-on-one basis at scale using AI. helps notable personalities connect with fans personally- via intelligent chatbots. Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Brands can even use to connect with audiences through a celebrity endorsement platform. They deliver messages to consumers, collect consumer data, and connect engagement to real business systems producing real business outcomes.

Category: AI

University Accommodation Living

University Living Accommodation is a platform for International Students to Discover, Compare & Book student Accommodation from their native country itself. University Living is an organization who caters to the accommodation needs of students who are travelling to the United Kingdom, USA, and Australia and across the globe. They provide the best available student accommodation and makes Student’s University experience truly joyous by providing them with the top quality rooms as per their requirements.

Category: EdTech

Waitrr is an AI-based fan management studio to connect with your followers. It is a SaaS-based venture that enables influencers to connect with their audience on a one-on-one basis at scale using AI. helps notable personalities connect with fans personally- via intelligent chatbots. Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Brands can even use to connect with audiences through a celebrity endorsement platform. They deliver messages to consumers, collect consumer data, and connect engagement to real business systems producing real business outcomes.

Category: SaaS


VRTUOZ is a platform for real-time sharing of virtual content using AR and VR. It allows users to create and share AR and VR experiences. It has applications across live events, virtual showrooms, meetings, and remote training.

Category: AR – VR


AyurVAID specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the root cause of serious diseases across major medical specialities to achieve desired medical outcomes in terms of true disease reversal and sustained wellbeing. AyurVAID ‘Hospital in Hospital’ inpatient facilities within quaternary/tertiary care hospital is on its path to rapid scale-up across the country leading to lean capital, high value, patient-centric healthcare model.

Category: Health Tech


Bfab helps service-oriented businesses who don’t have proper tools to run their business by offering a cloud-based integrated, all-in-one software. The software helps to automate their business, reduce cost and run their marketing & retention initiatives semi-automatically which helps drive additional revenue.
Unlike competitors, they offer superior customer support ranging from set up of account to migration of data, training & UX.

Category: Saas


Brün is a revolutionary new pregnancy monitoring tool. It’s patented technology ensures easy detection of vital signs improving usability while keeping costs manageable. They offer a smart wearable fetal monitoring device for the pregnant mother coupled with a mobile app that ensures timely intervention to save the time of doctors and nurses. This device simplifies its workflow and helps the hospital enhance both qualities of care and number of pregnancies they can handle.

Category: Health Tech

Clade & Co.

Clade helps wealthy individuals and family offices to connect directly, and invest in the deals of their peer without the need for an agent or broker. They offer a consumer-grade mobile investment platform with a fully integrated social network.
Unlike the traditional banks, they are cutting off the expenses of middleman and dramatically improving industry customer acquisition costs in the process.

Category: FinTech


Combinesell is a SaaS platform that automates & simplifies multi-channel e-commerce selling processes. They help multi-channel merchants who need to manage multiple sales channels individually and manually by aggregating sales channels into just a single platform. This allows them to manage and expand their business expeditiously with less time, effort and cost. With Combinesell, you can now – create and manage listings, reply to customer enquiries, synchronise, control inventories, and fulfil orders all from a single interface.

Category: SaaS

Funtasy 11

Funtasy 11 offer sports fan a platform to engage in gaming for stress relief and social interaction that allows them to test their sports knowledge & skills with bragging rights to their peer group, winning sponsored prizes and real cash.
Unlike competitors, they offer detailed content knowledge to users, tips of the day’s match, players, statistics and help pick their players.

Category: VR Gaming


Gartenzwerg helps fresh food lovers, conscious parents and experimentalists who don’t grow their own food due to lack of time, knowledge or space by offering fully automated, engaging and beautifully designed personal gardens. This enables anyone to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs effortlessly from their home at the push of a button, year-round and sustainably.

Category: Clean Energy

Good For Food

Good for Food’s proprietary smart detection device collects real-time, granular data on food wastage. By empowering commercial kitchens with big data analytics and business intelligence, they reduce their food wastage, cost, and environmental footprint. Their product insight is the world’s first Smart Dustbin that can seamlessly measure, track and identify all food waste thrown into it.

Category: IoT


Hoolah is a ‘Buy now, Pay later’ FinTech company targeting Gen Z, millennial and gig economy consumer groups. They help merchants solve the issue of conversion (up to 20%-60%) by moving their customers from “just looking” to making a purchase and possibly buying more.

Category: FinTech


KNOW is a mobile productivity platform to help companies manage their desk-less frontline workers. Companies in Logistics, Construction, Retail, Hospitality use KNOW for digital task management, field data collection, sharing alerts & announcements directly to the last mile, bite-sized training, time and attendance tracking and much more.

Category: Enterprise Tech


Mallness helps brands, stores and restaurants, who have stores inside shopping malls by offering an online to offline platform that enhances the offline shopping experience through cutting edge technologies like machine learning, Augmented Reality and indoor location. Mallness platform supports retailer’s omnichannel strategies to improve the engagement with their customers and overcome the challenges of brand visibility, consumer behaviour and brand loyalty.

Category: Consumer Digital


Markedshot is a social platform for fans to engage with their favourite brands. A UGC platform, that helps businesses crowdsource unique relatable content for their brands and generate authentic user engagement. Their AI technology takes care of curation, ranking and ensures copyright compliance for business use.

Category: Ad Tech


Multiversal has developed a series of innovations to solve the issues of hygiene and agriculture. It helps farmers and the general public by converting the problem of hygiene into the solution for as agriculture fertilizer. The device allows them to collect urine in pristine form, transform it into liquid fertilizer and biopesticide & transport it to the farmlands. Thus it helps replace expensive and highly polluting chemical fertilizers & pesticides.

Category: EnviroTech


Nanoclean is the first company to commercialize a biosafe nanofiber-based product. Nanoclean has developed its first commercial product Nasofilter, which is the first non-inserted, hypo-allergenic and self-adhering nanotechnology-based respiratory disposable nasal filter, which sticks to the user’s nasal orifice unlike traditional mask covering half of the face. Nasofilter saves the user from harmful effects of bacteria, viral infections, pollen allergies etc.

Category: EnviroTech


Nodis offers a smart glass technology that turns any window into an electronic display, with smart glass that changes tint, colour and temperature characteristics of the window instantly. It saves electricity, improves comfort and improves aesthetic.
Unlike the competitors, they are supplying smart glass that supports instantly switchable colour, tint and infrared control.

Category: IoT

Off the Store

They help online retailers who sell fashion online by offering a personalized shopping engine that empowers them to reach and convert more visitors by effectively curating their offerings.
Unlike the competitors, they are focused on AI-powered style curation in South East Asia.

Category: SaaS

Park 24×7

Park 24×7 is a platform to find & pre-book perfect space to park a car with the help of on-demand valet service. They connect drivers in search of parking with anyone who has a space going spare, drivers can even park at unused parking spaces of hotels, hospitals, stores, pubs, schools, public parking spaces or drivers can book on demand valet service from our platform to save time.

Category: IoT provides one-click custom AI by offering a customizable API based product in computer vision segment that makes AIaaS accessible to all, FinTech, Logistics, Content-based companies, Dating Apps and Matrimony sites.
Unlike competitors, their product is easy to use, offers a wide variety and computational speed.

Category: AI


Plizz provides technology-powered accounting services to SMEs, helping them lessen time spent in all their accounting & tax obligations. Plizz aims at solving the absence of responsive and transparent accounting services in Thailand. Plizz gives its clients a fully secured online access to their accounting data. Thanks to its user-friendly platform where they can easily track what’s been dealt with, what is pending, and what is in under review.

Category: Enterprise Tech


Riwigo is a discounted online wellness booking platform for services such as spa, beauty parlours, fitness, aesthetics, Thailand. Riwigo offers real-time booking platform with 50% discount and instant confirmation via. yield management and time-based discounts engine.
Unlike competitors, they are having higher GTV, better product experience and is 5x faster.

Category: Consumer Digital


Sapio is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique in-person learning experiences straight from a mobile phone or tablet. With a growing community of learners and experts, Sapio is the easiest way for people to monetize their knowledge, build their personal brand as thought leaders, and access insider knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else.

Category: EdTech


Powering Online to Offline Commerce & CRM, Shoffr enables ship-from-store and click-and-collect commerce across franchisee and owned markets. They provide multi-currency catalogue management, omnichannel order management, and AI-powered CRM solutions. It’s a unified cloud platform that is designed specifically for the retail domain. With no up-front investment, the technology reduces the costs of retail operations and improves the top-line for the brand by weaving the customer’s journey both online and offline.

Category: Enterprise Tech


Shutta is a mobile photo-video app designed around content creation and user interaction. Shutta’s location missions engage a target audience through various fun challenges, designed to increase the social buzz around the brand and drive quantifiable traffic to physical locations.

Category: AdTech


Vasista helps Indian Dairy Industries who suffer a serious drawback due to broken linkages in the supply chain by offering a dairy trade platform and ERP SaaS solution that connects various stakeholders. Vasista’s product has demonstrated a substantial reduction in operational cost across the dairy supply chain.

Category: Logistics Tech

XShip Design and Analytics

XShip helps ship owners and fleet managers in evaluating the performance of their vessels. They help in reducing operational cost and CO2 emissions by offering a unique cloud-based solution that provides quick performance assessment and monitoring with customized reports.

Category: Ship Emissions


AIMledge helps OEM Camera Manufactures & loT Solution providers who want to lower the cost of ownership for video analytics and perform analytics on their edge devices by offering a deep learning software package that enables video analytics capabilities for the hardware they want.
We are 80% faster and cheaper than other solution in the market

Category: AI-ML

Ayubo helps Middle-income adults who are at risk of non-communicable disease. By offering a digital application backed by AI-driven backend supported by a team of experts that prevent those at risk heading to a diagnosed condition or those who are diagnosed. We offer connected products and service range addressing the entire cycle of preventative and curative needs.
We are well connected to all stakeholders of the cycle of care and have a committed team.

Category: Health Tech


Casky is a personal road safety device for 2 wheelers. It attaches to the back of any helmet without any connection and the IoT hardware attached to the back comes on automatically when braking, shifting or steering and alerts the rescue when needed. Casky’s MaaS system provides an AI, road­ assistant solution which acts as a driver coach by tracking users’ behaviours, and continuously providing the best, “safer-driving” recommendations.

Category: Saas

Diffuse Energy

Diffuse energy helps remote operators who need to have reliable access to power by offering a highly efficient small wind turbine that provides power to their remote device and is complimentary to solar panels and extends the life of batteries.
We provide up to twice the power output of the same size competitor whilst being significantly quieter and safer.

Category: IoT

Dining Butler

Dining Butler helps F&B clients who want to know their diners better by offering diners’ a mobile phone app linked with POS, Kitchen, Waiter backend, CRM & outreach based on the geographical location that would capture and analyse the complete user journey and life cycle data for operation optimization, diner acquisition and retention.

Category: Saas

Discover Dollar

Discover dollar helps large retailers who are losing millions of dollars in form of unpaid promotional revenue, missed discounts from vendors and pricing errors by offering an award-winning solution powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence that analyzes all available data including unstructured data like emails and contracts in near real-time.
We are 10x faster and 3x cheaper and enable retailers internally to build these capabilities.

Category: Retail Tech


Ekkbaz is a B2B platform where store owners could connect with suppliers seamlessly. Small businesses dispersed geographically can collaborate with their suppliers through on the platform that allows business to connect for ordering, booking, and chat modalities.
Ekkbaz is a hyper-local model and focused on the consumer goods industry.

Category: Saas


Freelor helps consumers who participate in numerous rewards programs and possess a disproportionate amount of coupons for stores they don’t visit and loyalty points that they do not know how to use. By offering a cross­ border unified rewards program platform that allows consumers to earn instant cash back on all their purchases in-stores with just their mobile phone. This applies even both locally or while travelling overseas which they can cash out!
Freelor offers instant cash back, instant withdrawal, highly scalable, cross-border and unified model.

Category: Consumer Digital


Freightkart helps SMEs who use container shipping services for moving goods internationally by offering a “SAAS- based” online platform for price comparison, planning, and booking of sea freight transactions. Our services help them save time, improves productivity, save costs and promotes transparency along all stages of the end to end cargo movement; Making us a one-stop shop to businesses for all their sea freight needs.
FrightKart is targeting Asia based businesses, working directly with shipping lines for integration, and offering door to door services in 22 countries.

Category: Logistic Tech


Growzip is a technology company working to solve last-mile logistics by allowing local merchants to outsource delivery facilitating B2B and B2C delivery in major cities of India. We also work with a fleet of contractors who use our intelligent software to deliver goods efficiently and cheaply. We operate as a marketplace model and onboard small and medium businesses who use our technology platform to increase their sales and help them reach more customers.
We are focused on serving smaller cities in India with our hyperlocal model.

Category: Consumer Digital

Hippo & Crate

Hippo & Crate is a subscription-based direct to consumer oral care brand that is striving to be a world class lifestyle brand for personal care CPG. We help millennials in China who show a lack of awareness of oral health by offering an oral care product that they can subscribe and that they are proud to use.
We are Young & Inspired, have attractive packaging, timely delivery and we provide stellar customer experience.

Category: Consumer Digital


Hopstack helps enterprises heavily dependent on logistics and distribution operations, large indoor spaces like warehouses, production facilities, yards, plants etc., and struggle to gain real-time location intelligence of assets and personnel. By offering an IoT powered location intelligence and condition monitoring platform, we help businesses to automate processes and gain actionable insights from the movements of goods and enabling them to save on operational expenses.
We are device agnostic & our modular integration engine allows us to communicate seamlessly with third-party ERP and TMS.

Category: IoT


Hydrao helps all businesses that use water and energy and need to drive down operational costs through significant savings. By offering a smart demand-management solution that combines hardware and SaaS data-services based on our behavioural efficiency technology that drives behaviour change and sends data to the cloud for analysis and action.
We are smarter, cost-effective and sustainable`.

Category: CleanTech

Karma Healthcare

Karma Healthcare helps people living in rural and semi-urban areas who have difficulty to get quality and affordable healthcare, due to lack of awareness and shortage of qualified doctors. By offering an online nurse assistant, medical consultation by qualified doctors that provide them with quality and affordable healthcare.
We are cheaper than currently available options like seeking care in large cities or from the unqualified providers.

Category: Health Tech

Lily App

Lily app helps Southeast Asian women who are trying to conceive and have to deal with terrible healthcare infrastructure, by offering a telehealth platform that allows them to get answers instantly for any healthcare questions and connect directly with healthcare service providers.
We are faster, cheaper and way more convenient than traditional available ways.

Category: Health Tech

List FinTech Solutions (Citius)

List helps SME Financial Institutions who need to use technology to expand and bank the unbanked by offering Software Solutions in an OPEX model that automates their Core Business and helps them to achieve Financial Inclusion.
We are offering solutions on CLOUD that makes it viable for these Financial Institutions that are at the bottom of the pyramid-like Credit Unions and MF.

Category: FinTech


Mycooey helps management of elder care, long-term care, chronic care, and rehabilitation. By offering a white-labelled product on a mobile platform that helps effective care coordination and monitoring of tasks, also captures health vitals through notifications and reminders.
We are Mobile First, Scalable, Configurable, Interface with Medical Devices with built-in AI and ML.

Category: Health Tech


Peoplewave helps HR managers at large companies & owners of small companies who struggle with high staff turnover and struggle managing their employees. By offering a product suite of 3 connected tools. Our global employee data blockchain platform turns real-world employee performance into actionable data. This data reduces employee turnover and means that businesses can make the right decisions around people’s on-boarding & ongoing performance management.
We are the only company turning employee performance into data, as well as giving employees ownership of this data at a fraction of the cost.

Category: HR Tech


We at Plunes – (Providing Law Utility And Essential Solution). It is a Utility Network, to help you find instant legal and medical solutions, with 2nd, 3rd and more opinions to validate the consultations that you receive. We are developing solution-oriented technology which helps you find curated, validated, authentic and cost-effective solutions with just one click from professionals of your choice. It is simple, validated and quick delivering enhanced user experience.

Category: Consumer Digital


Ravenry is an on-demand desk research platform. we generate actionable insights for your business within 48 hours through our network of analysts. We leverage local contacts knowledge to generate truly useful insights and we also tap into proprietary data sources to deliver tech-enabled insights.

Category: SaaS

Standard Access

Standard Access helps Social Housing Partnerships, Co-Worker companies, Vacation hosting companies who have problems managing access to properties and are not maximizing revenues from vacant spaces, by offering a remote access management system. Our platform allows the client to grant and revoke access to properties remotely, market space, secure customers and fulfill orders with payments security online that allows clients to maximize revenues from commercial space.

Category: IoT


Taxgenie helps Tax experts and business managers who are spending valuable time on number crunching, tabulation and excel processing by offering a GST platform and services that streamline compliance and optimizing working capital.
We are providing technology and services combination to the users.

Category: FinTech

The Corpora

The Corpora aims to change human to devise interaction forever with a social robot for households and businesses. They will benefit from assistive AI technologies with empathetic human to machine communication by offering an Interactive Social Robot- One that is affordable and is able to interact and communicate in an animated and lifelike way which is not uncanny and uncomfortable to users.
We are Cheaper, More Interactive, Truly Open Source and is a product that truly works!

Category: AI-Robotic

Travel Dilse

Travel Dilse helps Indian middle-class segment to book customized holiday packages online instantly, instead of long booking process as usual. Customers get a huge benefit on real-time pricing & inventory, hence are able to book & get instant confirmation for their entire package including flights, hotels, transportation, sightseeing, activities, travel insurance at just a click of a button.
We are the only one to offer a dynamic day wise detailed itinerary for customers to plan and customize the same. We have our direct contracted feeds and API’s.

Category: Travel Tech


X0PA helps Employers, Employees, and Recruiters- everyone who hires or wants to be hired and retaining your best talent. The AI-powered recruiter saves you time, money, resources and above all predicts the best-fit candidates using the power of AI. For existing employees­ predicting attrition and performance in your existing team to identify red flags before the problem becomes a real one. By offering a PAAS-platform with a simple and easy to use interface that can help companies reduce their time to hire by 87% and reduce the cost to hire by 50%.

Category: HR Tech


3DNA helps its customers design bespoke, user-designed eyewear, by deploying a vertically integrated design-to-production technology. It uses 3D face scan data and offers a variety of finishes and options, for customers to design their frames that are then digitally manufactured as a one-of-a-kind piece.

Category: Enterprise Tech


Aersure helps e-commerce merchants with their shipping and logistics requirements, by providing a proprietary system and network. It deploys a network of service partners and a simplified platform to allow online vendors to reliably ship their products to customers.

Category: Logistic Tech


Aquasense has developed a range of technology solutions in the water management sector, to measure groundwater level and supply. This technology helps the rural agricultural sector by allowing for remote real-time monitoring of data, with cloud storage and access to an interactive dashboard that allows for analysis of trends in groundwater. The aim is to develop solutions that optimize how water resources are monitored and used.

Category: IOT


Biosolvit is a biotechnology startup that has developed an innovative solution that helps the oil industry to effectively clean up oil spills by absorbing the spill. In addition, Biosolvit is dedicated to a range of applications and new materials development, using renewables such as discarded biomass and industrial rejects.

Category: Clean Tech


Botsync helps small-scale and SMEs avoid the downtime associated with installing robots for automation. They build robots that can be installed seamlessly without stopping existing production lines for installation and integration. They build autonomous robots that adapt to existing workspaces and map their own environments and are thus cheaper and faster to deploy.

Category: AI


Bwave is a technology agnostic approach that allows users to integrate IoT devices from multiple standards, vendors and brands to a single universal hub and a unified app. With Bwave, all IoT devices can converge to a single app, eliminating the fragmentation that is associated with multiple IoT devices and applications.

Category: IOT is dedicated to enhancing engagement among sports fans, by providing contextual and interactive content. It uses AI-powered technology to recognize players and deliver relevant information to viewers and allows them to share videos and interact with their social networks. is working with broadcasters across sports to deploy its solutions to enhance fan engagement.

Category: AI


Elude caters to travellers who need help to identify a destination, by providing them options based on their budget and proposed travel dates. With these two inputs from the user, Elude provides available flights and hotels that fit the required budget, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming research by the customer.

Category: Consumer Digital


Jebhealth seeks to make healthcare easily and rapidly accessible for end-users, through an online marketplace for services with a focus on preventive care in Southeast Asia. It connects customers to a comprehensive list of curated vendors across wellness, health screening and treatment.

Category: Health Tech


Kyepot provides digital banking services to low- and middle-income Indian clients. It provides savings, investment and credit to this underbanked sector. It works on a chit-fund philosophy, wherein groups invest a monthly sum into a pool, that is then given to each member in turn – enabling this sector to save towards their financial goals.

Category: FinTech


Lebencare seeks to utilize AI technology for retinal screening to help eliminate avoidable blindness. It allows access to timely and reliable analysis during retinal screening to assist ophthalmologists in treating their clients. Due to its speed and scalability, the technology can be deployed both in an inpatient setting as well as for mass screening.

Category: Healthcare


Mobijuce helps users charge their mobile phones any time by renting power banks, accessible via an app, and physically available for pickup across numerous touchpoints. It eliminates the need for users to carry chargers and power banks or risk being stranded without a functioning mobile phone.

Category: Consumer Digital


Oupio seeks to promote wellbeing through its products that seek to merge interior design with technology and provide an enhanced lifestyle experience. Oupio has developed a combined intelligent lighting and wireless speaker that is aesthetically pleasing and minimalist.

Category: Design IOT


PAKT’s ‘Smart Wardrobe’ provides a suite of online and offline services. It is an online platform combined with a physical white-gloved service that includes storage, an itemised photographic inventory and on-demand delivery. PAKT is innovating in property technology and lifestyle, addressing the way people relate to what they wear and how they wear it.

Category: Consumer Digital


Redsky aims to make data more easily and coherently available to retail companies. It provides a platform for enabling real-time market research, financial services, risk analytics, and B2B fulfilment. This levels the playing field for retail companies to access similar data analytics to online retailers, allowing them greater agility in their strategy formulation.

Category: Retail Tech


REVIVO Biosystems is developing automated testing platforms to help research laboratories screen chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in a more reliable and efficient way without using animals. It can mimic the function of blood flow in microfluidic devices, to grow realistic human skin tissues and automate testing procedures, to save up to ten times in manpower and biomaterials.

Category: Bio Tech


Sportswizz promotes greater engagement between sports fans and teams to enhance deep interaction and opportunities for teams to monetize fan engagement. They research, create, analyze and synthesize sports content to create games, as well as quizzes and contests.

Category: Consumer Digital


StyleNook is an augmented intelligence solution that offers a personalized shopping and styling service to Indian women, using a blend of machine and a human stylist to deliver clothes and accessories. Customers receive a curated selection and return what is not suitable, thereby allowing each iteration to be better tailored to her preferences. This further enables StyleNook to create a strong retail intelligence layer that is shared with the apparel industry.

Category: Consumer Digital


Swajal provides clean drinking water, minus the use of plastic, to segments that do not have other access and cannot afford to purchase bottled water. They set up “water ATM’s” that are solar powered, remote monitoring enabled, and can be placed in any location, to provide cheaper access across both commercial and “off-grid” locations.

Category: CleanTech


TalentTribe addresses the need for millennial job seekers to find the right career by providing matching, information insights, and content. It is a job portal that also provides in-depth information that job seekers need to promote a good data-driven fit with their career.

Category: Enterprise Tech


TellMe has developed an IoT interactive room key card, allowing hotels to better connect with their guests and gather more relevant data about their guests and their travel habits. It allows them to target their guests with more focused advertising, thereby also serving the tourism industries.

Category: IoT

Universe Technology

Universe Technology addresses a variety of applications, by allowing users to access interactive 3D models via their browser. It allows users to access the VR experience from their mobile phone. This eliminates the needs for plug-ins and installations and allows users to access information using more intuitive 3D models.

Category: VR