Top-25-Stars-of-Startup-O-Fasttrack-Season-4Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 4. These were shortlisted from 143 startups that registered for this season. 63 startups were taken in to participate from across 11 countries and 10 tech categories.

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Listed in alphabetical order. 

5C Network.png                                                             

5C Network

We help healthcare providers burdened by the problems in Radiology by offering an online platform for fast turn-around and digitalised results. 5C Network is working to create a tech-based solution for efficient imaging and report generation backed by AI image processing engine. Thus, this platform provides fast diagnosis with online support for healthcare providers, regardless of their location.

Unlike our competition, we are cloud based, offering round the clock support, thereby, allowing for faster diagnosis as well as reliable analysis.

Country:  indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: HealthTech


Accrannolife Genomics.jpg


Acrannolife Genomics

We help cancer patients and wellness-focused individuals who need to monitor their health effectively by monitoring by offering 1/ predisposition testing for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other critical illnesses. 2/ liquid biopsy for cancer detection and prevention by identifying the smallest of cancer before PET scan.

Unlike our competitors, we are 53% more cost effective with 10X faster turnaround time.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg  India

Category: HealthTech

Advocacy - journy.png

Advocacy – Journy

We help leading consumer product companies, who spend 99% of their budget on low trust advertising, to exponentially increase the high trust word of mouth recommendations and reviews on their products, through our Journy platform. Journy uses the psychology of gamification and personalisation to engage users deeper (up to 3X increase in time spent vs websites) and thus motivate them to actively recommend and review.

Unlike influencer marketing companies which focus on paid celebrities and bloggers, we focus on real users of a product, who are much more trusted (92% of people trust peer recommendations, according to Nielsen).

Country:Circle_malaysia.png Malaysia

                indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg  India

                 russia-2.png Russia

Category: Consumer Digital



Almug Technologies

Almug solutions help organisations to manage and structure their complex bundle of information assets, by extracting meaningful intelligence from it. Almug’s Text Analytics Platform (XTRAKT) is built using proprietary NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.

Unlike our competitors, we are a field-hardened platform for more than 6 years into AI, multi lingual ability in 6 languages (German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English).

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: FinTech




We provide circuit level power monitoring and appliance identification analytics. This allows for the customers to understand where power is being used in a building. Thus, providing efficient smart home energy management.

Unlike utility smart meters by competitors, we are able to provide actionable information about appliances and spaces in the home and serve as a gateway for additional smart home applications.

Country:   singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: IoT




We help medium-sized enterprises operating in Indonesia, who need international shipping services by offering a digital freight forwarding solution that allows them to instantly receive freight price, order and process their shipment through our online web app.

Unlike our competitors, we are partnering with prominent freight forwarders and shipping companies to execute the field operations instead of operating it ourselves.

Country: indonesia.png  Indonesia

Category: SaaS


Bloom Solutions.png


We help remittance businesses that are serving an existing customer base of migrant workers and expats by offering a blockchain remittance platform. Our process reduces their settlement costs by up to 50% and gives them a robust API to conduct payments throughout the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and a growing list of countries.

Unlike our competitors, we are white labeled solutions for B2B customers.

Country: Circle_philippines.png Philippines

Category: FinTech



We provide an all-in-one platform for communication and managing the whole sourcing and manufacturing process. We manage the whole supply chain process from the design to arranging for delivery of the products. We guarantee quality and differentiated products, all under one roof, along with standardised operations that provide ease of use for both customers and suppliers.

Unlike our competition, we provide a more convenient platform with a low Minimum Order Quantity for smaller scale retailers.

Country: China-1.png  China

singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: SaaS



We offer a complete end-to-end technology solution for the entire bus travel industry in Indonesia that connects bus operators, travel resellers, and bus passengers in a single platform. Thus, by streamlining the entire search & booking process to be more efficient for the bus operators and travel resellers, it allows the passenger to book the ticket anytime, anywhere from any online and mobile devices.

Unlike our competition, we provide comprehensive end-to-end technology solutions for the entire bus travel industry in Indonesia – not just for the bus passengers, but also for bus operators and travel resellers.

Country:  indonesia.png Indonesia

Category: Consumer Digital


Entropik Tech.png

Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech has a vision to create an economy of emotionally intelligent ecosystem. Our flagship product,, is a behaviour research platform for brands, marketers, media creators to help them predict likely effectiveness of their media, ad and UX before launch, by tracking the emotional responses of their target audience using brainwave mapping & facial coding (patent pending tech).

Unlike market survey or qualitative research companies that use Q&A based rating methods, we are technologically superior at 60% lower cost with 5 times faster turn around and qualified ROI impact.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Artificial Intelligence




We help medium to big and industrial enterprises by offering a bidding platform for businesses and electricity supplier to create contracts for their electricity needs.

Unlike energy consultants, we are an online platform which is easily accessible, connects you with other consumers to leverage a better deal, and offers a wide variety of choices which can save you up to 40% of your electricity bill.

Country: Circle_philippines.png  Philippines

Category: Enterprise Tech






We help farmers, SMEs and small scale investors by offering a marketplace for farms and SMEs to be invested in, as well as allow small scale investors to choose from these farms, makers and producers by funding their production run. This provides production capital for SMEs and farms, as well as support small capital investors in their investments through a transparent process.

Unlike other crowdfunding platform, we offer an end to end logistics system with small starting investment choices.

Country: Circle_philippines.png  Philippines

Category: FinTech



We are an online platform that helps consumer brands and agencies to undertake online market research surveys in a cheaper and faster way by matching them to data suppliers using programmatic technology, APIs and machine learning. InsightzClub is essentially an intelligent automator of market research providing higher data quality in an efficient manner.

Unlike our competitors, we are technology oriented that uses proprietary technology to achieve relative better pricing and faster timelines as well as automation of the full market research process.

Country: Circle_malaysia.png  Malaysia

                  singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech


Kang Healthcare.png

Kang Healthcare

With Kang Healthcare, we integrate principles of Traditional Medicine (Indian Ayurveda, Arabic Unani, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese and Traditional Korean Medicine) into a digital system and artificial intelligence to promote a greater awareness of an individual’s general well being.

Unlike our competitors, we provide diagnostic analytics and predictive analytics.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: HealthTech / IoT



Linksmart Technologies

Linksmart smartDNA® labels present a new paradigm in security labeling wherein even identical labels auto-acquire fresh credentials on every use. Upon application on any product packaging, smartDNA® offers unified seamless multi-brand authentication in an instant, precise, automated and effortless manner, with just a smartphone in hand. With credible smartDNA® authentication, warranty activation can be linked wherever applicable.

Unlike our competitors, we offer full insider threat protection. 

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Enterprise Tech



Loco Buzz

We help consumer-focused brands to actively engage with their customers across digital and social platforms by offering a portfolio of MarkTech solutions that brings together artificial intelligence, analytics and automation to ensure an effective customer experience. Thus, we help brands increase their customer base as well as average life time value.

Unlike our competition, we are agile, affordable and offer a superior tech stack that is functionally seamless and comprehensive.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Enterprise Tech



We help financial professionals in investment management, institutional sales, and risk management, who have a constant requirement to generate positive returns while having to manage risk across different areas. We offer a platform that helps gain predictive insights through data and machine learning. It uncovers signals in traditional and alternative data for the purpose of investment and risk management, without having them to set up data and machine learning infrastructure.

Unlike our competition, we offer a full lifecycle from sourcing data to predictive analysis.

Country: singapore-1.png Singapore

Category: FinTech


Parklio 2.png


Parklio is a smartphone controlled parking barrier that protects your parking place. With Parklio, you can easily control and share your parking place with your friends and family via our free mobile application. The Parklio smart parking barrier is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a solar charged Li-ion battery. All you need to do is to install it on your parking place and you are ready to go.

Unlike our competition, we have the option of real time parking place reservation.

Country: croatia.png Croatia

Category: IoT


Plate my meal.jpeg

Plate my Meal

We help parents who want their young children to eat healthier by assisting in planning healthy meals and encourage healthier eating habits. We develop our concept and products using the current scientific and professional nutritional knowledge by working closely with leading dietitians to create healthy solutions for parents and their growing toddlers. Our products and concepts have been test marketed and endorsed by leading figures in the field.

Unlike our competition, we are simple, applicable and backed by clinical trials.

Country: Circle_israel.png Israel

Category: HealthTech




We help insurance, re-insurance, commodity market, governments and agri-input companies by providing risk management solutions for agricultural financing in developing countries. This is a platform based product that reduces the cost of administration and provides tools for better market penetration.

Unlike our competition which offer yield predictions and target the commodities market space only, we implement regionally trained models that are better suited for developing countries where the market dynamics are more complex.

Country: united-kingdom.png UK    

                  indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: FinTech




We help young professionals aged 25-35 belonging to the upper middle class who are single or recently married, are tech savvy, have difficulty finding trustworthy, high quality, and affordable home services for their desired time and location. We offer them a platform where they can order home services instantly through our app or website, anytime, anywhere, that allows them to find the best possible service provider for their needs, one that is skilled, trained and is a professional.

Unlike ones you find on Google or through your family and friends, we are much more convenient, easier to use, trustworthy, affordable and skilled.

Country:  indonesia.png Indonesia

Category: Consumer Digital

Spareparts 3D.png


SpareParts3D supports the digitalization of your inventory and enables on-demand & distributed production using 3D printing. We leverage on our worldwide providers’ network to ensure local manufacturing and quick delivery. We help home appliance manufacturers to increase the availability of their spare parts by offering a distributed production service on demand which leverages on 3D printing technologies.

Unlike our competition, we are able to demonstrate that our parts meet industrial specifications and are produced at a consistent quality over time and across locations.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech




Staydilly helps travelers to book exquisite rooms at heavily discounted prices with an added mystery concept. The hotel’s name would be concealed and would only be made known to the traveler once the booking is confirmed. We are a close-knit community from diverse cultures who have come together with a single objective: to provide exceptional hotels at unbeatable prices. We intend to give the best hotel deals to everyone by making hotel search and the booking process an enjoyable experience.

Unlike our competitors, we curate quality deals, at low prices, all while keeping the hotel name mystery.

Country: Circle_malaysia.png  Malaysia

Category: Consumer Digital


The Gene Box.jpg

The Gene Box

The Gene box is the first holistic health platform that provides nutrition and healthcare solutions based on genetic analysis. We collaborate with medical and wellness professionals who treat individuals with metabolic diseases, diabetes and lifestyle disorders to bring this technology to you. We offer insights into your genetic makeup that will enable a tailored and targeted approach towards fitness.

Unlike other fitness solutions, we are subject matter experts who create better intervention through rigourous health research.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: HealthTech


Truckhall Private Limited

We help manufacturing and logistics companies who procure vehicles from multiple vendors by offering a logistics management solution that automates supply matching, price negotiation and enables stakeholder collaboration.

Unlike the other procurement solutions, we are specifically designed for vehicle procurement, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient process.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: SaaS



Watsan Envirotech Private Limited

The name ‘Watsan’ was coined by blending the words ‘Water’ and ‘Sanitation’, which are the two main aspects of our establishment. WATSAN’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions to the rural and poor population by manufacturing and distributing cheap, effective and electricity-free water filters. Through micro-filtration based purifiers using nano-clay filters, pathogens, heavy metals and turbid materials are filtered to produce clean drinking water. 

Unlike our competition, our filters can remove more harmful materials like arsenic, fluoride, and iron efficiently without the use of electricity.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: HealthTech