Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 5. Overall 198 startups registered for the Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ program from across 16 countries but less than half of the total were selected to participate for the 10 week online assessment program. Finally, 3-5 top ranked ventures will become part of the victory portfolio to access capital and global networks. Others will gain access to partner resources and help from the community to march onwards with actionable insights.Countries 2.png

Listed in alphabetical order.


air freight bazaar_no bg.png

Air Freight Bazaar

Air Freight Bazaar is an online air freight marketplace that brings together exporters, importers, freight forwarders, vendors, airlines, IATA agent on a single platform. They offer transparency in pricing, real time updating, speed and efficiency. 
Unlike the competition, they offer prices and  real-time aggregating of freight business stakeholders on one single platform.

Country:  indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: SaaS




Airportels is an online porter system that offers exclusive luggage delivery and storage services. Being the first mover in Thailand, they have the benefit of gaining exclusive partnerships and first mover acquisitions. 

Unlike the competitors, they have greater capacity, more partnerships, lower cost, more service counters available at the shopping malls for on-demand delivery to Airports. Furthermore, they also provide nationwide luggage delivery so, the customers can send their luggage directly from their home/condo or hotels to other provinces in Thailand without having to carry with them.

Country:  thailand.png Thailand

Category: Consumer Digital



Ayoslide is an android advertising application that helps online brands engage with mobile phone users directly from the lock screen. This is done using an ads targeting system and more in-depth user engagement. 

Unlike the competitors, Ayoslide is targeting gamers segment as their earlyvangelist. They also provide multiple redeem options to their users.

Country:  indonesia.png Indonesia

Category: AdTech

canopy pwer.jpeg

Canopy Power

Canopy Power is a Singapore-based microgrid technology provider, making energy generation cheaper and cleaner than fossil fuels. Canopy’s differentiation lies in their experienced team, technology, business model innovation, and access to bankable customers. 

Unlike the competition, Canopy’s technology is more environmentally friendly, reliable and cost efficient. 

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: CleanTech




EmotionReader is building the world’s leading emotion measurement platform for brands, agencies and media companies, by collecting emotional responses directly from real people, in real locations. Using the latest Deep Learning state-of-the-art technologies, their AI engine uses algorithms tailored to market research videos and capturing subtle facial expressions with over 95% accuracy. 

Unlike the competition, they provide custom reporting, predictive performance, panelist, and programmatic API.

Country: ireland.png  Ireland

                  singapore-1.png Singapore 

Category: Artificial Intelligence


Eunimart Crossborder

Eunimart is an AI platform that aggregates global e-commerce. hey enable SME merchants to sell their products globally through B2C cross-border e-commerce. Eunimart has 8 shipping partners allowing the sellers to always have the best rates across geographies, categories and weight. The highlight is the global payments solution that Eunimart has devised in partnership with different payment partners which allows Eunimart to provide sellers payments that are economical and fall within the RBI guidelines. 

Unlike their competitors, their AI platform helps merchants with predicted sales, automatic content, portfolio, pricing, inventory and marketing insights all in one platform.

Country: singapore-1.png Singapore

Category: Artificial Intelligence



Finizz is an online platform that provides an effective search engine for finding the right doctor and clinic in Vietnam. Through community reviews and a convenient booking system, they reduce the waiting time and improve the process of selecting a doctor or clinic. 

Unlike the competition, they have a better understanding of the local market as well as better executional capabilities and user experience.

Country: vietnam.png Vietnam

Category: HealthTech




FitThree is a nutrition and tech food platform that serves customers who are mindful eaters. Customers simply subscribe to this food delivery service and fresh, cost effective, menu rotating and nutrition-centric meals will be delivered to customers. 

Unlike the competition, they provide a flexible logistics solution, offering nutritious food at scale to consumers as well as integrated technology to retain customers.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: Consumer Digital


go plus.png

Go Plus

GO+ is a new logistics marketplace, enabled by data from both offline and digital interactions. They are open and committed to expanding convenience across all products and service aspects of their consumers’ daily lifestyles and behaviours.

Unlike their competitors, GO+ provides an innovative economic model as well as biometric tech and robotic parcel storage system.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech


Got It

Got It is a digital rewards and mobile gifting solution. They ensure a simplistic, hassle-free, instant eVoucher management platform. Got It offers quality gifting options at over 75 famous brands in 1200 locations nationwide. Got It guarantees transparency and instant tracking through their real time Voucher management system. 

Unlike the competition, they take away the guess work and reduce costs on inventory management, logistics and manpower when rewarding or acquiring customers.

Country: vietnam.png Vietnam

Category: Consumer Digital

gridcomm (1).jpeg


GridComm provides a complete smart light solution that creates a network over a city’s power lines, connecting sensors capable of instant communication. They then use that to connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic, and more. With their street light control software, their customers can save millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs. 

Unlike the competition, they offer a highly reliable and secure, low cost IoT sensor network.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: IoT 


Juno Clinic

Juno Clinic is on its way to be India’s leading mental wellbeing company in terms of Revenues, Quality and Reach. They provide full stack of services including counselling, treatment and assessment. They serve the Indian Diaspora globally (currently) and offers counselling over video/audio/chat, as well as through empanelled therapists for emergency cases. They plan to scale this to other countries in 24 months. 

With an in-depth clinical focus on mental wellbeing, which is reflected in their technology, clinical training, and in-house developed specialization, their online platform has been developed specifically for seamless counselling process and high engagement level, which can be used by therapists anywhere in the world.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: HealthTech



Limitless is a white labeled micro investment app working with banks to help Millennials start and stay invested. They use Open Banking to monitor spending on any card from any bank and move a certain percentage into an account at their partner bank, and from there into a) short term savings goals for motivation and spending control and b) low cost long term investments. Importantly, partner banks receive, with full customer permission, relevant and actionable data related to all transactions and balances to monetize in multiple ways with their offerings and partnerships. Because of this, the saver’s long term investments are NOT monetized as costs are kept low to maximize returns on an investment sum that is appropriately sized for them. Partnering with a bank also means that they scale to reach customers faster, since they do not have to waste funds on B2C mark

Country:  singapore-1.png  Singapore

                   united-kingdom.png UK


Category: FinTech



Medinfi Healthcare

Medinfi Healthcare is a web based content platform providing verified, and simple health information as well as selecting the right healthcare service provider. Through fact based medical information and their simple user design, they have a high user engagement and retention rate. 

Unlike their competitors, they are attuned to the Indian Market and is the market leader with no close 2nd player.

Country:indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: HealthTech


PHI, is a product company focused on building products that can be used in smart cities and sustainable urban environments. Their first innovation, Model 1080 is a range of sustainable shade structures which are multi-functional by generating clean water and renewable energy over and above just shade. 

They differentiate from their competition by standardising their design and manufacturing but allowing flexibility in custom sizes so the 1080 can be used for applications like large infrastructure projects, business parks, and homes. By flat packing the product for shipping, it can be delivered and installed in a shorter period time and at a competitive price point.

Country:indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

                 singapore-1.png Singapore

Category: CleanTech


popular chips.png

Popular Chips

Popular Chips is a worldwide AI-driven Influencer Marketing Analytics SaaS. They are the only platform in the world to offer Fraud Detection (Fake Followers, Bots, Automation), full demographic distribution and possibility to monitor any influencer in the world (we are not limited to a portfolio). MNCs in the beauty, fashion, luxury, travel and entertainment use Popular Chips daily to improve their Influencer Marketing strategy, standardize their reports and stay clear of frauds.

Unlike other Influencer Marketing platforms, Popular Chips is capable of monitoring any account in the world (billions VS millions) and offer a complete user-friendly suite which covers anything brands need to succeed at Influencer Marketing.

Country: singapore-1.png Singapore

Category: SaaS

Pricemap 2.png

Price Map

PriceMap is monetizing the market inefficiencies in a fragmented retail market like India. More specifically, they have built an ML-based platform that interrupts the flow of ecommerce transaction and lets the user know if the same product is available in a nearby physical store at lower price. This way, they create a reverse bidding platform for physical stores, where they are all competing against the online price and therefore, customers are able to buy products on an average ~11% lower in price than Amazon/Flipkart and other online portals. 

Unlike other Offline to Online (O2O) players, in PriceMap, sellers do not need to digitize and maintain an online inventory while buyers simply search online and share link. This allows outreach to every mom or pop-up store as well as better choices for buyers.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Consumer Digital



Repup offers a guest experience management software to help hotels automate operations, increase reputation and drive more revenue. Being a multi-platform guest concierge app, it allows hotels to have seamless guest communication, focused on upselling, faster request handling, analyze guest interaction data to optimize your operations. Through this, they try to create great future experiences and improve customer loyalty with highly personalized delivery and start owning your guests. 

Unlike the competition, they offer 360 degrees CEM and are targeting enterprise hotels.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: SaaS



Sepio Products

Sepio is an IoT company aspiring to transform supply chain security and efficiency. They do this by building platform solutions that combine physical security seals with front end tools along with connected SaaS for their target industries of Shipping, Logistics, and Utilities.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: IoT


Sherpa Funds Technology

Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) is a Singapore based Company that provides game-changing technology to Investors, Fund Managers and Traders. Their patented technology – ORS (Optimal Risk Sizing) is a SaaS based solution that is set to change the way money is managed. 

Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) links Investors to Portfolio Managers and solves the ‘Principle Agent’ problem. This link gives Investors better control over their money and Fund Managers better client contact and understanding. ORS allows Fund Managers to offer a differentiated product to the Investor base and has already been used successfully to raise AUM in a competitive bid. As usage increases, the analytics will identify similar-minded Investors and Managers who can link up in risk-equivalent communities.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: FinTech


SG E BIZ.png

Singapore E-Business 

Singapore E-Business is an online platform that connects F&B and retail businesses with suppliers. Using OCR technology, processes like procurement, tendering, purchasing and HR are automated, reducing time and manpower costs. 

Unlike the competition, they offer convenience, time-saving with their technology and ease of access through cashless payments.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: FinTech




Stones2Milestones is an education platform that equips non-English speaking communities with the skill to make reading easy and also on developing the will to make reading enjoyable. As the window for this intervention is from age 3 to age 9, they integrate this program with the early school curriculum. Besides providing this to schools, they also equip the parents to support this growth in their children. 

Unlike the competition, they are pioneering this effort in a systematic way that is contextual and age-appropriate where English is a second language yet aspirational.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: EdTech


SuperFan.Ai is an AI-based fan management studio to connect with your followers. It is a SaaS-based venture that enables influencers to connect with their audience on a one-on-one basis at scale using AI. helps notable personalities connect with fans personally- via intelligent chatbots. Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Brands can even use to connect with audiences through a celebrity endorsement platform. They deliver messages to consumers, collect consumer data, and connect engagement to real business systems producing real business outcomes.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Artificial Intelligence


University Living.png

University Accommodation Living

University Living Accommodation is a platform for International Students to Discover, Compare & Book student Accommodation from their native country itself. University Living is an organization who caters to accommodation needs of students who are traveling to the United Kingdom, USA, and Australia and across the globe. They provide the best available student accommodation and makes Student’s University experience truly joyous by providing them the top quality rooms as per their requirements. 

Unlike their competitors, they allow more customization with more curated and localized content.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: EdTech




Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments solution that aims to create a seamless dining experience for their users and restaurant partners. Through highly targetted promotions, variety of payment methods, in depth data analytics and decreased need for staff, they have dominated Singapore’s market and are positioned to enter APAC and Middle East market in 2018. 

Unlike the competition, they have the first mover advantage, an innovative backend management system and a team of F&B veterans.

Country: singapore-1.png Singapore

Category: SaaS