Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 6. Overall 183 startups registered for the Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ program from across 17 countries but less than half of the total were selected to participate for the 10 week online assessment program. Finally, 3-5 top ranked ventures will become part of the victory portfolio to access capital and global networks. Others will gain access to partner resources and help from the community to march onwards with actionable insights.

This season Startup-O has welcomed participation from some ventures that are not only commercially viable but has social impact dimension in their business model.


Listed in alphabetical order.




AyurVAID specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the root-cause of serious diseases across major medical specialties to achieve desired medical outcomes in terms of true disease reversal and sustained wellbeing. AyurVAID ‘Hospital in Hospital’ inpatient facilities within quaternary/tertiary care hospital is on its path to rapid scale-up across the country leading to lean capital, high value, patient centric healthcare model.

Unlike the competitors they are practitioners of precision Ayurveda medical care. 

Country:  indiaflag1-037146-edited.jpg India

Category: Health Tech





Bfab helps service-oriented businesses who don’t have proper tools to run their business by offering a cloud-based integrated, all-in-one software. The software helps to automate their business, reduce cost and run their marketing & retention inititives semi-automatically which helps drive additional revenue.

Unlike competitors, they offer superior customer support ranging from set up of account to migration of data, training & UX.

Country:  singapore-1 Singapore   malaysia Malaysia

Category: Saas



BrunHealth-Invert - Coral_Fotor


Brün is a revolutionary new pregnancy monitoring tool. It’s patented technology ensures easy detection of vital signs improving usability while keeping costs manageable. They offer a smart wearable fetal monitoring device for the pregnant mother coupled with a mobile app that ensures timely intervention to save the time of doctors and nurses. This device simplifies their work flow and helps the hospital enhance both quality of care and number of pregnancies they can handle.

Unlike the current standard of care – which is complex and expensive to use or requires a trained person at the bedside, Brun is comfortable to use, easy to interpret and affordable at 10% of current care cost.

Country:  indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: Health Tech




Clade & Co.

Clade helps wealthy individuals and family offices to connect directly, and invest in the deals of their peer without the need for an agent or broker. They offer consumer-grade mobile investment platform with fully integrated social network.

Unlike the traditional banks, they are cutting off the expenses of middleman and dramatically improving industry customer acquisition costs in the process.

Country: Picture231  USA

Category: FinTech





Combinesell is a SaaS platform that automates & simplifies multi-channel e-commerce selling processes. They help multi-channel merchants who need to manage multiple sales channels individually and manually by aggregating sales channels into just a single platform. This allows them to manage and expand their business expeditiously with less time, effort and cost. With Combinesell, you can now – create and manage listings, reply to customer enquiries, synchronise, control inventories, and fulfill orders all from a single interface.

Unlike the competitors they are providing a seamless process for multichannel sellers to manage their business across offline and online sales channels.

Country: singapore-1  Singapore 

Category: SaaS




Funtasy 11

Funtasy 11 offer sports fan a platform to engage in gaming for stress relief and social interaction that allows them to test their sport knowledge & skills with bragging rights to their peer group, winning sponsored prizes and real cash.

Unlike competitors, they offer detailed content knowledge to users, tips of the day’s match, players, statistics and help pick their players.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: VR Gaming





Gartenzwerg helps fresh food lovers, conscious parents and experimentalists who don’t grow their own food due to lack of time, knowledge or space by offering fully automated, engaging and beautifully designed personal gardens. This enables anyone to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs effortlessly from their home at the push of a button, year round and sustainably.

Unlike the competitors they are a customer-centric brand with the main purpose of delivering the best experience of growing food. They have the most automated IoT solution in the market controlling ph levels, water level, etc.

Country: united-kingdom UK

Category: Clean Energy


Good For Food

Good For Food

Good for Food’s proprietary smart detection device collects real-time, granular data on food wastage. By empowering commercial kitchens with big data analytics and business intelligence, they reduce their food wastage, cost, and environmental footprint. Their product insight is the world’s first Smart Dustbin that can seamlessly measure, track and identify all food waste thrown into it.

Unlike the competitors they are a seamless and a portable solution.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: IoT





Hoolah is a ‘Buy now, Pay later’ FinTech company targeting Gen Z, millennial and gig economy consumer groups. They help merchants solve the issue of conversion (upto 20%-60%) by moving their customers from “just looking” to making a purchase and possibly buying more.

Their omni channel instalment payment method helps customer for easy n quick check out experience, which in return adds value to the merchants.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: FinTech





KNOW is a mobile productivity platform to help companies manage their desk-less frontline workers. Companies in Logistics, Construction, Retail, Hospitality use KNOW for digital task management, field data collection, sharing alerts & announcements directly to the last mile, bite-sized training, time and attendance tracking and much more.

Unlike the competitors, they are structured, enterprise feature rich and enterprise ready.

Country:singapore-1 Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech



Logo Mallness blue


Mallness helps brands, stores and restaurants, who have stores inside shopping malls by offering an online to offline platform that enhances the offline shopping experience through cutting edge technologies like machine learning, Augmented Reality and indoor location. Mallness platform supports retailer’s omnichannel strategies to improve the engagement with their customers and overcome the challenges of brand visibility, consumer behavior and brand loyalty.

Unlike competitors, they are not just a discount app, but also include all possible features to enhance the shopping experience offline.

Country: indonesia  Indonesia

Category: Consumer Digital 





Markedshot is a social platform for fans to engage with their favourite brands. A UGC platform, that helps businesses crowdsource unique relatable content for their brands and generate authentic user engagement.  Their AI technology takes care of curation, ranking and ensures copyright compliance for business use.

Unlike the competitors, they are consumer driven and focused on South East Asian Markets.

Country:singapore-1 Singapore  Picture31  Taipei

Category: Adtech





Multiversal has developed a series of innovations to solve the issues of hygiene and agriculture. It helps farmers and general public by converting the problem of hygiene into the solution for as agriculture fertilizer. The device allows them to collect urine in pristine form, transform it into liquid fertilizer and biopesticide & transport it to the farmlands. Thus it helps replace expensive and highly polluting chemical fertilizers & pesticides.

Unlike the competitors they have universal retrofit technology which is easy to install, easy to maintain and low cost enables to collect urine and further process into liquid fertilizer. They hold utility patents, design patents, trademarks.

Country:  indiaflag1-037146-edited  India 

Category: EnviroTech




Nanoclean is the first company to commercialize biosafe nanofiber-based product. Nanoclean has developed its first commercial product Nasofilter, which is the first non-inserted, hypo-allergenic and self-adhering nanotechnology based respiratory disposable nasal filter, which sticks to the user’s nasal orifice unlike traditional mask covering half of the face. Nasofilter saves user from harmful effects of bacteria, viral infections, pollen allergies etc.

Unlike the existing competing products, they are 4x better effective and 5x lower in cost.

Country:indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: EnviroTech




Nodis offers a smart glass technology that turns any window into an electronic display, with smart glass that changes tint, colour and temperature characteristics of the window instantly. It saves electricity, improves comfort and improves aesthetic.

Unlike the competitors they are supplying smart glass that supports instantly switchable colour, tint and infrared control.

Country:singapore-1 Singapore

Category: IoT




Off the Store

They help online retailers who sell fashion online by offering a personalized shopping engine that empowers them to reach and convert more visitors by effectively curating their offerings.

Unlike the competitors, they are focused on AI powered style curation in South East Asia.

Country: thailand Thailand   Image 21  Finland

Category: SaaS




Park 24×7

Park 24×7 is a platform to find & pre-book perfect space to park a car with the help of on demand valet service. They connect drivers in search of parking with anyone who has a space going spare, drivers can even park at unused parking spaces of hotels, hospitals, stores, pubs, schools, public parking spaces or drivers can book on demand valet service from our platform to save time. 

 Unlike the competitors, they are a marketplace model that provides parking management software to manage property.

Country:indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: IoT





Photograph.ai provides one click custom AI by offering a customizable API based product in computer vision segment that makes AIaaS accessible to all,  FinTech, Logistics, Content based companies, Dating Apps and Matrimony sites.

Unlike competitors, their product is easy to use, offers a wide variety and computational speed.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: AI





Plizz provides technology-powered accounting services to SMEs, helping them lessen time spent in all their accounting & tax obligations. Plizz aims at solving the absence of responsive and transparent accounting services in Thailand. Plizz gives its clients a full secured online access to their accounting data. Thanks to its user-friendly platform where they can easily track what’s been dealt with, what is pending, and what is in under review.

They are sole providers in this space.

Country: thailand Thailand

Category: Enterprise Tech


 riwigo Logo - RGB


Riwigo is a discounted online wellness booking platform for services such as spa, beauty parlors, fitness, aesthetics, etc.in Thailand. Riwigo offers real-time booking platform with 50% discount and instant confirmation via. yield management and time-based discounts engine.

Unlike competitors, they are having higher GTV, better product experience and is  5x faster.

Country:thailand  Thailand

Category: Consumer Digital





Sapio is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique in-person learning experiences straight from a mobile phone or tablet. With a growing community of learners and experts, Sapio is the easiest way for people to monetize their knowledge, build their personal brand as thought leaders, and access insider knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else.

Unlike the competitors, they are more community centric, interactive and localized.

Country: singapore-1.png  Singapore

Category: EdTech





Powering Online to Offline Commerce & CRM, Shoffr enables ship-from-store and click-and-collect commerce across franchisee and owned markets. They provide multi-currency catalog management, omni-channel order management, and AI powered CRM solutions. It’s unified cloud platform that is designed specifically for retail domain. With no up-front investment, the technology reduces the costs of retail operations and improves the top-line for the brand by weaving the customer’s journey both online and offline.

Unlike the competitors that enable e-commerce, they are leveraging the physical stores for fulfilment, assisted selling and returns.

Country: singapore-1 Singapore

Category: Enterprise Tech





Shutta is a mobile photo-video app designed around content creation and user interaction. Shutta’s location missions engage a target audience through various fun challenges, designed to increase the social buzz around the brand and drive quantifiable traffic to physical locations.

Unlike the competitors, they are more than a loyalty, discount or reward app, it’s a fully integrated social photo-video network with possible application across all industries.

Country: Picture244241 Hong Kong   vietnam Vietnam

Category: AdTech




Vasista helps Indian Dairy Industries who suffer a serious drawback due to broken linkages in supply chain by offering a dairy trade platform and ERP SaaS solution that connects various stakeholders. Vasista’s product has demonstrated substantial reduction in operational cost across dairy supply chain.

Unlike the current traditional platforms, they are end-to-end SaaS model solution provider that is affordable for dairy industry in India & other emerging markets.

Country:indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: Logistics Tech




XShip Design and Analytics

XShip helps ship owners and fleet managers in evaluating the performance of their vessels. They help in reducing operational cost and CO2 emissions by offering a unique cloud based solution that provides quick performance assessment and monitoring with customized reports.

Unlike competitors, they are highly customizable and offer a performance model which is strong in its Naval Architectural grade design. construction & operational aspect.

Country: indiaflag1-037146-edited India

Category: Ship Emissions