Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 7. Overall 153 startups registered for the Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ program from across 19 countries but less than half of the total were selected to participate in the 10-week online assessment program. Finally, some top-ranked ventures will become part of the victory portfolio to access capital and global networks. Others will gain access to venture building, partner resources and help from the community to march onwards with actionable insights.

This season 16% of the Startup-O cohort are women founders along with other founders which have been to Y-combinator & Alibaba Fellowship. We also welcomed participation from some ventures that are not only commercially viable but has social impact dimension in their business model.

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Top 25 Listed in alphabetical order




AIMledge helps OEM Camera Manufactures & loT Solution providers who want to lower the cost of ownership for video analytics and perform analytics on their edge devices by offering a deep learning software package that enables video analytics capabilities for the hardware they want.

We are 80% faster and cheaper than other solution in the market

Country:  singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050Singapore  

Category: AI-ML


 ayubo logo

Ayubo helps Middle income adults who are at risk of a non-communicable disease. By offering a digital application backed by AI driven backend supported by a team of experts that prevent those at risk heading to a diagnosed condition or those who are diagnosed. We offer connected products and service range addressing the entire cycle of preventative and curative needs.

We are well connected to all stakeholders of the cycle of care and have a committed team.

Country: Sri-Lanka flag Sri Lanka

Category: Health Tech




Casky is a personal road safety device for 2 wheelers. It attaches to the back of any helmet without any connection and the IoT hardware attached to the back comes on automatically when braking, shifting or steering and alerts the rescue when needed. Casky’s MaaS system provides an AI, road­ assistant solution which acts as a driver coach by tracking users’ behaviors, and continuously providing the best, “safer-driving” recommendations.

We can deliver monetization of dally-commutes through loT Hardware component which acts as an physical accident prevention mechanism.

Country: France flag-round-250 France

Category: Saas



diffuse energy

Diffuse Energy

Diffuse energy helps remote operators who need to have reliable access to power by offering a highly efficient small wind turbine that provides power to their remote device and is complimentary to solar panels and extends the life of batteries.

We provide up to twice the power output of the same size competitor whilst being significantly quieter and safer.

Country: australia flag Australia

Category: IoT



dining butler

Dining Butler

Dining Butler helps F&B clients who wants to know their diners better by offering a diners’ a mobile phone app linked with POS, Kitchen, Waiter backend, CRM & outreach based on geographical location that would capture and analyse the complete user journey and life cycle data for operation optimization, diner acquisition and retention.

We are full suite of solution that F&B will ever need with the ability to use data they collected to outreach to diners.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: Saas



discover dollar

Discover Dollar

Discover dollar helps large retailers who are losing millions of dollars in form of unpaid promotional revenue, missed discounts from vendors and pricing errors by offering a award winning solution powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence that analyzes all available data including unstructured data like emails and contracts in near real-time.

We are 10x faster and 3x cheaper and enable retailers internally to build these capabilities.

Country: USA flag USA

Category: Retail Tech





Ekkbaz is a B2B platform where store owners could connect with suppliers seamlessly. Small businesses dispersed geographically can collaborate with their suppliers through on the platform that allows business to connect for ordering, booking, and chat modalities.

Ekkbaz is a hyper-local model and focused on the consumer goods industry.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore bangladesh flag-round-250 (1) Bangladesh

Category: Saas



freelor logo


Freelor helps consumers who participate in numerous rewards programs and possess a disproportionate amount of coupons for stores they don’t visit and loyalty points that they do not know how to use.  By offering a cross­ border unified rewards program platform that allows consumers to earn instant cash back on all their purchases in-stores with just their mobile phone. This applies even both locally or while traveling overseas which they can cash out!

Freelor offers instant cash back, instant withdrawal, highly scalable, cross-border and unified model.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: Consumer Digital



frieghtkart logo


Freightkart helps SMEs who use container shipping services for moving goods internationally by offering a “SAAS- based” online platform for price comparison, planning, and booking of sea freight transactions. Our services help them save time, improves productivity, save costs and promotes transparency along all stages of the end to end cargo movement; Making us a one-stop shop to businesses for all their sea freight needs.

FrightKart is targeting Asia based businesses, working directly with shipping lines for integration, and offering door to door services in 22 countries.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: Logistic Tech





Growzip is a technology company working to solve last-mile logistics by allowing local merchants to outsource delivery facilitating B2B and B2C delivery in major cities of India. We also work with a fleet of contractors who use our intelligent software to deliver goods efficiently and cheaply. We operate as a marketplace model and onboard small and medium businesses who use our technology platform to increase their sales and help them reach more customers.

We are focused on serving smaller cities in India with our hyperlocal model.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: Consumer Digital




Hippo & Crate

Hippo & Crate is a subscription based direct to consumer oral care brand that is striving to be a world class lifestyle brand for personal care CPG. We help millennials in China who show a lack of awareness of oral health by offering an oral care product that they can subscribe and that they are proud to use.

We are Young & Inspired, have attractive packaging, timely delivery and we provide stellar customer experience.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore china flag China

Category: Consumer Digital





Hopstack helps enterprises heavily dependent on logistics and distribution operations, large indoor spaces like warehouses, production facilities, yards, plants etc., and struggle to gain real-time location intelligence of assets and personnel. By offering an IoT powered location intelligence and condition monitoring platform, we help businesses to automate processes and gain actionable insights from the movements of goods and enabling them to save on operational expenses.

We are device agnostic & our modular integration engine allows us to communicate seamlessly with third-party ERP and TMS.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: IoT





Hydrao helps all businesses that use water and energy and need to drive down operational costs through significant savings. By offering a smart demand-management solution that combines hardware and SaaS data-services based on our behavioral efficiency technology that drives behavior change and sends data to the cloud for analysis and action.

We are smarter, cost-effective and sustainable`.

Country: France flag-round-250 France

Category: CleanTech



karma health logo

Karma Healthcare

Karma Healthcare helps people living in rural and semi-urban areas who have difficulty to get quality and affordable healthcare, due to lack of awareness and shortage of qualified doctors. By offering an online nurse assistant, medical consultation by qualified doctors that provides them with quality and affordable healthcare.

We are cheaper than currently available options like seeking care in large cities or from the unqualified providers.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: Health Tech




Lily App

Lily app helps Southeast Asian women who are trying to conceive and have to deal with terrible healthcare infrastructure, by offering a telehealth platform that allows them to get answers instantly for any healthcare questions and connect directly with healthcare service providers.

We are faster, cheaper and way more convenient than traditional available ways.

Country: veitnam flag Vietnam singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050  Singapore

Category: Health Tech



list logo

List FinTech Solutions (Citius)

List helps SME Financial Institutions who need to use technology to expand and bank the un-banked by offering a Software Solutions in an OPEX model that automates their Core Business and helps them to achieve Financial Inclusion.

We are offering solutions on CLOUD that makes it viable for these Financial Institutions that are at the bottom of the pyramid like Credit Unions and MF.

Country: kenya flag Kenya

Category: FinTech




Mycooey helps management of elder care, long-term care, chronic care, and rehabilitation.  By offering a white-labeled product on a mobile platform that helps effective care coordination and monitoring of tasks, also captures health vitals through notifications and reminders.

We are Mobile First, Scalable, Configurable, Interface with Medical Devices with built-in AI and ML

Country: flag-round-250 India USA flag USA

Category: Health Tech





Peoplewave helps HR managers at large companies & owners of small companies who struggle with high staff turnover and struggle managing their employees. By offering a product suite of 3 connected tools. Our global employee data blockchain platform turns real-world employee performance into actionable data. This data reduces employee turnover and means that businesses can make the right decisions around people’s on-boarding & ongoing performance management.

We are the only company turning employee performance into data, as well as giving employees ownership of this data at a fraction of the cost.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: HR Tech





We at Plunes – (Providing Law Utility And Essential Solution). It is a Utility Network, to help you find instant legal and medical solutions, with 2nd, 3rd and more opinions to validate the consultations that you receive. We are developing solution-oriented technology which helps you find curated, validated, authentic and cost-effective solutions with just one click from professionals of your choice. It is simple, validated and quick delivering an enhanced user experience.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: Consumer Digital





Ravenry is an on-demand desk research platform.  we generate actionable insights for your business within 48 hours through our network of analysts. We leverage local contacts knowledge to generate truly useful insights and we also tap into proprietary data sources to deliver tech-enabled insights.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: SaaS



sa see thru logo

Standard Access

Standard Access helps Social Housing Partnerships, Co-Worker companies, Vacation hosting companies who have problems managing access to properties and are not maximizing revenues from vacant spaces, by offering a remote access management system. Our platform allows the client to grant and revoke access to properties remotely, market space, secure customers and fulfill orders with payments security online that allows clients to maximize revenues from commercial space.

We utilize data over sound to deliver keys to users and for communication between the system, APP and lock. This proprietary encryption process is far superior and more secure than Bluetooth, NFC, and RFP which is used by our competitors.

Country: ireland flag-round-250 (1) Ireland

Category: IoT





Taxgenie helps Tax experts and business managers who are spending valuable time on number crunching, tabulation and excel processing by offering a GST platform and services that streamline compliance and optimizing working capital.

We are providing technology and services combination to the users.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: FinTech



corpora logoThe Corpora

The Corpora aims to change human to device interaction forever with a social robot for households and businesses.  They will benefit from assistive AI technologies with empathetic human to machine communication by offering an Interactive Social Robot- One that is affordable and is able to interact and communicate in an animated and life like way which is not uncanny and uncomfortable to users.

We are Cheaper, More Interactive, Truly Open Source and is a product that truly work!

Country: spain-flag-icon-4 Spain

Category: AI-Robotic



travel dil se

Travel Dilse

Travel Dilse helps Indian middle-class segment to book customized holiday packages online instantly, instead of long booking process as usual. Customers get a huge benefit on real-time pricing & inventory, hence are able to book & get instant confirmation for their entire package including flights, hotels, transportation, sightseeing, activities, travel insurance at just a click of a button.

We are the only one to offer a dynamic day wise detailed itinerary for customers to plan and customize the same. We have our direct contracted feeds and API’s.

Country: flag-round-250 India

Category: Travel Tech





X0PA helps Employers, Employees, and Recruiters- everyone who hires or wants to be hired and retaining your best talent. The AI-powered recruiter saves you time, money, resources and above all predicts the best-fit candidates using the power of AI. For existing employees­ predicting attrition and performance in your existing team to identify red flags before the problem becomes a real one. By offering a PAAS-platform with a simple and easy to use interface that can help companies reduce their time to hire by 87% and reduce the cost to hire by 50%.

Country: singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-singapore-flag-vector-round-icon-illustration-102753050 Singapore

Category: HR Tech