Congratulations to the Top 25 startups from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ Season 9

An estimated 250+ startups applied for this program from across 18 countries. One-third of them were selected to participate in the assessment program, where experienced global experts evaluate promising startups via detailed interactions.

At the end of the program, some of the highest-ranked ventures will access capital and become part of our investment portfolio. Many others will gain access to venture-building networks, partner resources, and help from the community to march onwards with actionable feedback.

We also welcomed participation from some startups that in addition to being commercially viable also have social impact dimensions in their business model. We are delighted by the diversity of the participants, in terms of nationalities represented, technology verticals, as well as the age and gender of their founders.

It is heart-warming to see our ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ platform strongly resonating far and wide.

Top 25 listed in alphabetical order


Abyss improves and simplifies glaucoma detection and management.

50% of people in the world that suffer from glaucoma (75% in Singapore) are not aware that they have it, and 90% of the detections are late.

Abyss seeks to speed up detection of glaucoma using AI and 3D images.  Its software, validated by top medical institutions worldwide, provides accurate results in seconds.

Country: Singapore

Category: HealthTech

Actionable Science

Actionable Science provides a unique automation platform for mid- to large-enterprises.

Some areas of enterprise, namely helpdesks, customer service and agent assist are costly and cumbersome to administer in their traditional setups and have not kept pace with available technology.

By helping to make these autonomous, it can reduce expenses by 30-50% while increasing business agility and insights. As such, Actionable Science offers a cognitive automation platform that allows business to rapidly automate from front office to back office.

Country: HQ in USA  Subsidiary in India

Category: EnterpriseTech


Agrima is building the world’s first dedicated image recognition platform for recognizing raw, cooked and packaged food items.

The platform will provide comprehensive information about a food items from an image, thereby making the relevant information available online.

Country: India

Category: AI


Auxero builds solutions for clients who need help resolving legacy problems in banking, legal, recruitment and insurance markets.

Their clients have decades of ill-conceived and poorly implemented technology solutions that are negatively impacting their businesses.

Auxero’s solutions improve productivity, reduce effort, maximise output, and reduce cost.

Country: UK

Category: AI

BDTAX.COM.BD helps approx. 40 million taxpayers in Bangladesh to prepare, submit and pay taxes online.

Bangladesh has 165 million people but only 2 million paid their income taxes last year with the help of only 17,000 income tax practitioners. There is a shortage of income tax practitioners to help taxpayers to file income taxes. is a DIY income tax software that will allow people to pay their taxes online.  This may generate an additional USD 10 billion in tax revenue by 2022 for the Bangladesh Government.

Country:  Bangladesh

Category: FinTech


BharatRohan is empowering farmers by reducing their losses through early diagnosis of pest attacks, disease outbreaks and nutrient deficiencies using UAV/Drone based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, machine learning and artificial technologies.

Indian agriculture faces crop losses of around INR 500 billion every year.  Currently, only manual field surveys are conducted by a few government agencies which are neither timely nor accurate.

Country: India

Category: AI/AgriTech


Boxx Insurance helps SMEs prevent and predict cyber threats before they occur.

SME’s are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to a lack of security and insurance.  In addition, insurers are unable to keep up with and underwrite the ever-evolving cyber risks facing SMEs.

BOXX is a Canadian-based, digital-first Insurtech that not only responds to claims and threats, but also enables clients to predict and prevent them.  It combines world-leading insurance with cyber security technology, expertise, and training.

Country: Canada

Category: Fintech


Cardiotrack provides heart healthcare.

Cardiac disease is a common and widespread serious illness that burdens medical systems globally.

With Cardiotrack, a patient can be screened on 21 parameters and specialist opinion obtained in 15 minutes. It deploys an Android-based user interface, integrated medical devices, cloud backend and panel of specialists to provide consultation.

Country:  India      Singapore

Category: HealthTech


Oktober6 is a global insights and technology company that applies proprietary data analytics, deep learning, AI and technology, to build solutions to the world’s biggest financial challenges.

The gap between SME credit demand and supply stands at USD 4.5 trillion, due to lack of data, high turnaround time, and subjective credit assessment.

Creditenable has built an SME credit marketplace using a tested proprietary algorithm.

Country:  UK

Category: FinTech


Escape is a flight search engine that helps travellers find a flight deal even at the last minute.

Escape caters to the traveller that has a budget and target travel dates in mind, but is flexible on location.  It allows travellers to browse a set of feasible destinations given a certain budget, and select options from within these suggestions.

Country:  Singapore

Category: Consumer Digital


Health Vectors is enabling the world to live healthy lives with greater certainty.

Health data is complex, so people find it hard to understand and take charge of their health.

Health Vectors has a patent pending, cloud hosted platform that helps to understand the current and future health of an individual via health scores and smart reports. It helps stakeholders make more informed personal health and business decisions.

Country: India

Category: Health Tech


HelloBeauty provides solutions for beauty professionals to manage and grow their business online; and helps women to find beauty services.

There is currently a lack of information for conveniently matching consumers with the right beauty services.

HelloBeauty exists to match such services to demand, by building a community that works as a one stop solution for beauty service providers and clients.

Country: Indonesia

Category: Consumer Digital


Koovers is a B2B platform for car spares, and is disrupting a USD 10 billion market.

Car servicing post warranty tends to be done in independent multi brand service centres due to cost considerations. There are approx. 50,000 independent multi-brand centres in India, and centre owners need to source spares on a  timely basis at the right price point

Koovers solves this via a SAAS based B2B online platform for automotive spares. It has partnered with spare manufactures and big distributors to reduce cost and enhance availability.

Country: India

Category: SaaS


Neurafarm is a precision farming company with a mission to improve productivity and resource efficiency in the agriculture industry.

Food loss and wastage is a major problem against the backdrop of rising global demand.  Each year, 20% to 40% of total global crop production of key crops is lost, due to pest and plant diseases.

Neurafarm uses an Artificial Intelligence tool called Dr. Tania, a chatbot-based mobile application that helps to diagnose and manage plant diseases. By uploading a photo of the plant, the app returns a diagnosis and a suggested course of action.

Country:  Indonesia

Category: AgriTech


We provide device-agnostic personalized physiological data analytics as a service, through an open API.

This seeks to solve the problem of manual, time-consuming or inaccurate analysis of data from physiological wearable devices.

We provide fast, easy to track and clinically relevant health indexes which makes it easy for the end-user to understand.

Country: Singapore

Category: HealthTech


Pivotchain provides AI backed smart surveillance to airports, government, and smart cities.

Currently, CCTV relies on manual monitoring with no real-time or automated response and is vulnerable to human fatigue and error.

Pivotchain solves this by automating real-time detection of threats from live CCTV cameras, and alerts authorities in seconds to any breaches.

Country: India

Category: AI


PokerHigh is expanding the online poker community for entertainment and curating offline experiences to focussed customer segments.

It solves the problem of fragmented families and busy lifestyles getting in the way of enjoyment and learning.

Country: India

Category: Consumer Digital


Protenga develops data-driven InsectTech for sustainable feed.

One third of global food production is currently wasted, and overfishing, pollution, and climate change threaten our entire ecosystem.  To keep pace with this, we need a rapid transformation of how food waste is treated.

Protenga’s Insect Bioconversion System helps food waste owners turn their waste into valuable insect-based feed in a contract farming model.

HQ in Singapore
Operations in Malaysia

Category: CleanTech


Rentickle offers its client rental of lifestyle products and furniture.

It aims to help modern, mobile consumers to eliminate the difficulties associated with locating, purchasing, maintaining and later disposing off their household and lifestyle items, when they move between cities, for example.

Instead, they can rent lifestyle and household goods via an online catalogue. These are then delivered, installed, and maintained for them.

Country:  India

Category: Consumer Digital


Singular is working to automate decisions in the consumer goods industry.

Decision making in the consumer goods industry uses data analysis and modelling that is manual, time-intensive and expensive.  It does not integrate all data from markets and customers, and this leads to inaccurate and often wrong commercial decisions.

Singular Intelligence provides an AI software for real-time use to create a future scenario prediction at higher accuracy and lower cost.

Country: UK

Category: EnterpriseTech


SOCXO helps companies to amplify authentic brand content and conversations on social media.

Brands struggle to gain organic reach on social media, whereas paid marketing is an expensive proposition

Socxo solves this by constructing a digital “word of mouth” platform to engage employees, partners, customers and fans as advocates.

Country: Singapore

Category: SaaS


Str8bat helps players improve their game of cricket by providing instant, visual and actionable insights on their game.

Str8bat uses IoT & patented technology stack to capture motion without cameras and provide useful opportunities to improve for every player playing a sport.

STR8BAT does this by democratizing technology in sport, with the aim of making world-class technology available to all.

Country:  India

Category: IoT


Tuple’s platform helps clean and analyse data to predict customer behavioural patterns.

At present, many corporates struggle to analyse data efficiently, wherein data teams spend vast amounts of time cleaning the data, reducing the time available to construct models for analysis.

Tuple’s product helps corporates via its four components namely, data aggregation, data analysis, visualisation builder and strategy execution.

Country:  Singapore

Category: AI


Wishbook seeks to address the fragmented nature of the massive and fast-growing apparel retail industry in India.

Wishbook is a B2B app-based market network for retailers and wholesalers of fashion.  It encompasses a fashion marketplace and channel sales management, and allows manufacturers to display their products on the app, wherein retailers can transact with them to manage their product range and inventory.

Country:  India

Category: Consumer Digital


X1 seeks to promote motorsports.

Globally, motorsports viewership is stagnating, and the sport has not seen innovation in terms of new formats and events, gender diversity, and opportunities for new participants to enter the fray.

X1 seeks to address this by setting up a franchise-based league. This will regenerate fan engagement, further bolstered by an esports component, unique events, as well as relevant content.

Country: India

Category: e-Sports

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